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540 Tools of Slaughter (2013-08-18)

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0:00:00JCD: (stoner voice) “Hey, man, I’m in the demo!” (0:51:12)
0:00:33Jesselyn Radack Salon piece exposing Obama’s lies about whistleblower protections applying to Snowden; NPR hit piece on NYT’s insane migration to corporate Gmail, “that protection is not complete”; YaCy peer-to-peer search; Gmail spamming its own promotions folder; Google outage “40% of internet traffic” meme, ACC: “it should be broken up like AT&T!”
0:19:21McLaughlin Group: “Chelsea Clinton is the new powerhouse taking over from her parents”; No Agenda Bill Clinton dead pool; Bill in Africa asked if he is up to “one more race”; JCD Red Book: rumors of Bill dying in the saddle with a hooker; flabbergasted John McLaughlin: “they can’t keep drugs out of prisons??”, fascist Pat Buchanan all-in on keeping prisons full, John McLaughlin: “the average addict commits eleven thousand crimes over a lifetime” (CotD)
0:35:12ACC’s Silk Road drug buy, “mound of coke with the guy’s logo”, JCD: “Sinaloa or the FBI?”
0:44:33Sanjay Gupta on Israel Ministry of Health marijuana research, compare and contrast with the US federal government, NIDA National Institute on Drug Abuse mandate; 1.2M viewers for CNN; legalization supposedly costing Sinaloas $2.8bn per year
0:58:46Producer Segment: Canadian plastic bills with holograms
1:06:18ACC drives Sir Gene to the airport, house with no furniture suggests CIA handler
1:08:00Obama keeps propagating “better bargain for the middle class” meme; Michael Bloomberg wants fingerprint readers to get into publicly funded apartment buildings
1:13:38Russian gay law as Sochi Olympics promotion; ABC native ad on lawsuit against Canadian store owner buying and reselling Trader Joe’s products, “knockoff McDonald’s”
1:18:36Producer Brian consults Russian law documents in translation and agrees with NA analysis; JCD on Russian literature poisoning readers’ mood, American literature recommendations
1:25:52Jen Psaki expertly dodges Jake Tapper’s question on US supplies being used against civilians in Egypt, “some steps to cut off certain forms of aid”, Tapper “tools of slaughter”, “civilians on the ground”; Matt Lee ambush: are Egypt and Syria policies “worthy of a president who not so long ago won the Nobel Peace Prize”; McCain & Graham flip-flop on Egypt aid at the bidding of AIPAC American Israel Public Affairs Committee
1:36:32“I’m fed up with having to put my bladder’s needs ahead of my daughter” Toviaz ad, “decreased sweating”, OAB overactive bladder; Ms. Micky in Napa Valley with Molly Wood
1:41:01United States v. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev protective order “to ensure that discovery information is not unnecessarily disseminated”; Six-Week Cycle clock reset, September 15
1:43:36Fox News on activists in Philippines destroying GMO golden rice, “accessories to mass murder”
1:50:18Donation Segment: Alex Jones 20-minute segment on GMOs a sales pitch for water filters
2:01:36No Agenda October 26 papier-mâché anniversary; three missed Six-Week Cycle events, ACC predicts September 15 solar flare “killshot” allegedly from Snowden, ham radio Faraday cage
2:11:05Snowden Huffington Post e-mail disclaims father’s “emotional compromise for the sake of tabloid news”; Snowden’s initial Greenwald contact, Laura “stopped at airports more than forty times” Poitras & Appelbaum, list of dumb questions for Snowden; Poitras’ Bertha Foundation funding, Assange lawyer Jennifer Robinson, Link TV & Dirty Wars, communist gear in Bertha logo; Rebecca Lichtenfeld; “Bertha” code for something
2:37:15Gazprom buying from Azerbaijan, Trans Adriatic Pipeline competing with South Stream; JCD predicts Turkey coup, ACC: “al-Qaeda on the Austrian peninsula”; ubiquitous “Caliphate”
2:46:12CNN “savior” George Stroumboulopoulos; Soledad O’Brien child molester interview