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539 Assume the Position (2013-08-15)

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0:00:00JCD: “She is such a douche, and an idiot.” (1:49:35)
0:00:31ACC all-in on Bitmessage; JCD on mean proprietress of Amsterdam elixir bar, book of crazy Dutch expat behavior in US; happy Assumption of Mary Day, JCD the lapsed Catholic
0:12:07Ask Adam: numbers station CAPTCHA
0:15:56Obama top priority “as commander in chief” clause, short list of duties; Eric Holder to American Bar Association on “values: equality, opportunity, and justice under law, were first codified in the United States Constitution”, “renewed and reclaimed nearly a century later by this organization’s earliest leaders”, “recalibrate” mandatory minimum sentencing
0:28:23Tony Serra: “they can’t afford the number of prisoners that they have incarcerated”; unreported California hunger strikes; Eisenhower: “if you want total security go to prison”
0:37:30NPR “call it whatever you want” revisited, Lady Gaga premature Applause leak
0:42:29Kris Kardashian takes issue with Obama Amazon Kindle interview, “dream big, work hard, and you could have whatever you wanted”; Gary Johnson’s insincere hollering
0:50:34Producer Segment
0:59:59Obama body man Reggie Love describes day Osama bin Laden was killed: “we must’ve played fifteen games of spades”, nervous laugh describing Michelle as “brilliant person”, “I remember when he finally found his birth certificate”, Obama twins theory; Pete “hard-ass” Rouse
1:12:02RT’s various unwatchable hosts; Saudis go after anti-regime activists, parallel references to Gitmo; hot Russian chick stereotype, JCD story: 1996 trip to Beijing, looking for Mao jackets
1:26:25Curfews in Cairo, Mike Giglio “temporarily detained and beaten” in pro-Morsi camp; Obama trying to set up Robert Ford as ambassador; Russian pipeline deal with Azerbaijan
1:36:33RT: John Kerry’s trip to Latin America “the first since he assumed the position of Secretary of State”, hot Russian chick and vodka ads; Kerry’s claim of “very real timeline for ending” Pakistan drone strikes contradicted by Jen Psaki & Marie Harf, “double tap strikes” on rescuers
1:43:00Freedom of the Press Foundation all-in on media shield law; S.987 Free Flow of Information Act, Feinstein amendment with defines journalist, “salaried employee, independent contractor, or agent of an entity that disseminates news or information”, ~~“substantially contributed … to a significant number of articles”, ACC: “Goebbels is smiling”, EFF funding skit
1:54:25Glenn Greenwald the official Snowden mouthpiece; ACC Twitter skirmish over Morales “forced landing”; Amy Goodman’s verbose Snowden and Greenwald quotes, Lavabit’s Ladar Levison on Snowden as client: “I believe that’s correct … I didn’t know him personally”, no “is this true?”; June 2013 child pornography search warrant; Poitras’ Menschel Foundation money
2:08:19JCD Israeli intelligence theory on Egypt; NYT article by probable spook Peter Maass
2:13:31Donation Segment: producer note on gun magazines run by Obama supporter Leo Hindery
2:25:52New Zealand Prime Minister “sanctimonious prick” John Key downplays concerns over GCSB spying, “I think they’re much more interested in the snapper quota”, likens spying to antivirus
2:34:05Fukushima 300 tons of radioactive water story, Sir Atomic Rod debunks strontium-90 levels
2:40:18The First Tycoon author T.J. Stiles on “con artist” Gloria Woodhull’s presidential run
2:44:13American-US Air merger killed, CEO: “doesn’t decrease competition”; Delta’s 49% of Virgin
2:49:19Jerry Brown signs law allowing transgendered students to choose bathrooms and sports teams
2:49:03New Zealand’s Legalize Cannabis Party; douchey Anthony Weiner interviewed on the street, ACC Red Book: “this guy might wind up killing himself”; Ted Koppel on al-Qaeda shutting down US embassies “with a conference call”; Weiner at 10% in mayoral race