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538 War on Weed (2013-08-11)

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0:00:00ACC: “Poor Google! They can’t do anything because the government doesn’t …!” (0:51:14)
0:00:33Lavabit suspends operations; decentralized Bitmessage protocol
0:05:26Austin DHS terror drill, Texas Military Forces threat advisory released accidentally
0:15:55Snowden’s elusive “stripper” girlfriend, garage full of boxes
0:19:49Obama at press conference: top priority “building a better bargain for the middle class”, “number one responsibility” fail; “Constitution” replaced by “values”, “we’ve already declassified unprecedented information”, “the intelligence community is creating a web site that will serve as a hub for further transparency”, NSA civil liberties position unfilled for two years, “people might want to jigger slightly the balance between the information that we can get versus the incremental encroachments on privacy”
0:27:12Obama Executive Order lie, Presidential Policy Directive 19 whistleblower protection “within 270 days” language; Mimi’s week of Facebook-only news; This Town and $4bn lobbying industry; misleading NSA 1.6% of internet traffic meme
0:41:36JCD on image hotlinking and out-of-control Windows processes
0:45:11Obama: “I would be [concerned] too, if I weren’t inside the government”, “can we do this better” question; private meeting with tech giants, Samsung import ban; Jeff Jarvis all-in on Google saving us from NSA, “don’t be evil”; Obama vs Holder on Congressional phone taps; professor James Peterson on “physical surveillance” of minorities
0:57:34Producer Segment: Obama “secure retirement even if you’re not rich”
1:15:56ACC on Ms. Micky’s spin class, “you can’t breathe and then you’re dying”; ACC on naked Bangkok no-hands restaurant; “rapists, murderers, and burglars” amnesty petition man on the street; ACC “kill the whales” petition response
1:25:21Ask Adam: Windows RT Google Ventures ad with Kevin “raccoon twerp” Rose, lone black guy working on “communities built around superfans”; CNET’s button proliferation, Real Networks dodgy business model; ACC on MAC addresses being collected through Wi-Fi
1:37:16CNN’s horrible numbers, Piers Moron banned from No Agenda, Jeff Zucker “reboot”, ad revenues way down, ACC: “you can start kicking against one of the largest advertisers”; Sanjay Gupta’s abrupt 180° on medical marijuana, Weed documentary, “legitimate patients for whom marijuana works and nothing else did” (CotD), Brolf: “is there concrete scientific evidence that medical marijuana works better at treating certain medical conditions than pharmaceutical drugs?”, “someone dies of an accidental overdose … every nineteen minutes”
1:50:03Donation Segment: CVC’s gig in Namibia
2:03:40Producer note on buying drinks for Marines; Obama’s “Ja… Russia” stumble may be Djibouti
2:06:20European bail-in law; 2012 directive sets up Cyprus bailout, ACC: “they need to jigger it”
2:11:06Spot the Elite: Arne Duncan vs Brookings Trustee Liaquat Ahamed; 1972 Nixon Ray Conniff incident: “President Nixon, stop bombing human beings, animals and vegetation”, “bless Daniel Ellsberg”, Nixon describes incident on phone, Eartha Kitt Ladybird Johnson incident; George Michael’s Shoot the Dog career suicide
2:29:06John le Carré on spy recruiting: “all sorts of factors at fault… at, at work”, East India “thin red line”, “add to that the public school system and you have a complete conspiracy”
2:33:25Russian dashcam videos for economic hit man; Russian vodka boycott over propaganda law; Stephen Fry open letter to Putin; Putin walking home from event after death of judo instructor; boycott the Olympics meme, new color for Twitter icon-changers