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537 Thick & Creamy (2013-08-08)

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0:00:00JCD: “Holy crap, you mean they even believe that stupid old book, oh my Go… oh!” (1:27:08)
0:00:36ACC’s new e-mail server; private rail car hitched to Amtrak; Austin DHS terrorism drill; ACC homecoming adventures with KLM, “agent” name tags due to Facebook stalking; TSA freakout in Atlanta, “honey Jack”, mail pileup handled by mail carrier producer
0:15:13Producer Segment: JCD Inside Track 2013 e-book
0:32:05ACC’s iRedMail setup, spam greylisting protocol
0:35:35Obama’s highly scripted Jay Leno appearance, on Snowden: “we don’t know yet exactly what he did, other than what he said on the internet”, “none of the revelations show that government has actually abused these powers”, “the odds of people dying in a terrorist attack obviously are still a lot lower than in a car accident, unfortunately” (CotD), people “goin’ to ball games” day after Boston bombing; Leno starts randomly tossing out talking points; Obama on “whistleblower protection” Executive Order
0:48:01Translation of Russian “anti-gay” law, “Cold War mentality” meme, Erin Burnett compares Russia to Nazi Germany; Leno “suddenly homosexuality is against the law” lie, Obama: Putin “headed up the KGB”; Obama “balance beam” Winter Olympics flub, “what’s happening in Ja… Russia is not unique”, “they can retire even if they don’t get rich, even if they’re not rich”; Snowden extradition and “underlying challenges that we’ve had with Russia lately”
1:03:45Zillow “better bargain for responsible homeowners” Obama Q&A, “I was actually fortunate enough to refinance at historically low rates” shill question; JCD on Umpqua Bank Chevron refinery protest; climate change correlated with conflict
1:16:42Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s mother’s work for disabled crazy conspiracy theorist Donald Larking, WSJ reporter waltzes into Tsarnaev apartment and grabs right-wing newspapers like American Free Press, 16-week “get acquainted” subscription, Inspire article “Make a Bomb in the Kitchen of Your Mom”, “jihadi autodidacts”, Tsarnaev’s Protocols of the Elders of Zion
1:27:48Dodgy Tor network; annoyance over iPhone Giant Voice System Amber alerts
1:32:05Lisa Kudrow anti-HFCS “thick & creamy” Yoplait ad, propaganda “work of art”
1:35:21Jake Tapper on NBC news and entertainment in conflict with Hillary miniseries
1:41:52Donation Segment: JCD & Mimi’s wedding anniversary
1:56:52ACC and Ms. Micky’s (nonsmoker) anniversary; emergency vehicles at Austin–Bergstrom for fallen soldier, arc of water, eight more dead this week; The Lone Ranger premiere in Amsterdam with CVC, ACC propagates “brown people in sand” meme
2:07:10Condescending State Department spokeshole Jen Psaki squabbles with AP’s Matt Lee on status of Egypt, “we have determined that we do not need to make a determination”
2:10:49Glenn Greenwald “gaffe of the week” on Democracy Now: “as far as Mr. Snowden’s spying plans are conc… asylum plans are concerned”; Russian analyst on US meddling with planned flight through Cuba; Russian Navy back in Cuban waters
2:17:13Bolivian “forced landing” revisited; Greenwald changes wording to “they caused the plane of Evo Morales to be downed in Austria”, US refusal to extradite criminals; Greenwald rant: Dutch Ruppersberger “the embodiment of the rotted soul that has become the Democratic Party”, “almost drowning in cash from the defense and intelligence industries”, secret FISA ruling denied to oversight committee; John Inglis on “specific warrant anywhere on the earth”
2:26:59Greenwald on immunity from prosecution for anything said on floor of Senate; producer note: CIA Republican and NSA Democrat