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536 Ready for Huma (2013-08-04)

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0:00:00JCD: “Hey Abdul, guess what we’re going to do this weekend!” (0:40:39)
0:00:33ACC’s man-dress “the beginning of the end”, CVC on Out TV float in Amsterdam gay pride canal parade; JCD on Alexander the Great and Spartan gay armies; commercial floats, ACC on float with CVC, Behind the Candelabra tie-in; new “Putin hates gays” meme, illegal to promote non-heterosexual lifestyle in presence of children
0:16:06Economic hit man predicts Russia sanctions over Snowden; Chuck Schumer: “poke in the eye” for US meme, JCD’s stream goes into Lucifer mode, “bullies pay a price”; Lonnie Snowden on going to Russia: “folks that I work with could set up communications”, “I’m only gonna share so much of his background”, “many relatives who were federal law enforcement officers, military, police officers … patriotic streak”, “the brilliant one” vs high school dropout meme; economic hit man note on Russian worry over regime change epidemic
0:34:56Jake Tapper on alert for “potential” Yemeni terror threat, bogus weekend embassy closings, Juliette Kayyem on travel advisory to “check in with their state departments and consulates”, “long-term threat stream” and Benghazi, end of Ramadan, Bob Baer on al-Qaeda “disinformation over phone lines”, “I think they could do a couple lone wolf attacks”
0:42:52Schiphol security requiring computer charger brick out, no attention paid to bag full of wires
0:46:32Producer Segment: JCD dramatizes “ships at sea”; “how can they just lie like that??
1:05:13Jake Tapper on CIA “Benghazi secrets”; Colin Powell e-mail hack; Rep. Frank Wolf on Benghazi witnesses wanting to be subpoenaed; Holder “appropriate setting” dodge revisited; Trey Gowdy on Benghazi name-changing; Eisenhower’s farewell “military-industrial complex” revisited; John Doerr also hacked by Guccifer 2.0, upcoming Six-Week Cycle
1:19:57Kaiser Alexander “you lied to Congress” Black Hat conference heckling; “virtual lockbox”, “300 selectors” in 2012, “54 cases” as Congressional proof, lame abandoned outcomes list
1:26:13Kaiser Alexander “I haven’t lied to Congress” vs Eisenhower military-industrial complex; Rijksmuseum old-timer “pandemic”; Iranian goat head hairy tongue delicacy
1:38:07Adam’s Gonna Read His E-mail: Dzhokhar Tsarnaev laser pointer photo called out as bullshit; Spector 360 “breaks everything”; JCD’s Jewish agenda
1:45:26Decomposed human hand found on Oregon beach
1:46:47Donation Segment
1:58:20Dutch adopting German 29-hour work week
1:59:55Anthony “the beard” Weiner’s mayoral run, Clinton patience running out; Huma Abedin “using the Hillary Clinton playbook” meme; “ready for Hillary” mailings, Bill’s unfortunate heart attack on stage like Tommy Cooper
2:16:05ITAR amendment relaxing Libyan weapons sales restrictions; Presidential Memorandum delegating to Kerry authority to ignore Somali use of child soldiers for purposes of arms exports, Wes Clark Seven revisited
2:22:48Topless Women Read Books reading of Declaration of Independence; Michelle Catalano pressure cooker Google searches ratted out by IT worker
2:29:16Responses to CA Democrat Eric Swalwell climate change “agree or disagree”, “we do agree that this is something we need to address”, “we don’t take a position on that issue” (CotD)