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535 Swivel-Chair Speed (2013-08-01)

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0:00:00JCD: “You could be pre-diabesity.” (2:35:11)
0:00:35JCD’s intro list of Business Insider NSA PRISM trigger words, “MI-17”; ACC in Airbnb on fourth floor, global warming impacting prostitution industry, 1400 cities underwater in 2100; ACC’s jaunt to South of France with the elites, “Russians and Chiners”, everyone parked on BBC royal baby-watching, epic gun control argument, JCD: “rich slaves”
0:13:53Star Jones propagates Chris Rock $5,000 bullet meme, Piers Moron “it works!” on British 5-year handgun jail sentence; Sardinia the new go-to place for rich Russians, Nikki Beach Saint Tropez champagne shenanigans, ACC: “poverty was very good for me”; Volkswagen Eos 43 mpg for Florence trip, eco-system annoyances; Italian war on cash, Berlusconi’s war on internet; 21% VAT and 11-month wait to see a doctor; replica statues, ACC: “it’s like Disneyland except all the staff is Grumpy”; gunpowder makes elites nice
0:33:33JCD global warming “it is cold, it’s windy, it’s foggy”; ACC expired KLM gold card travel tip
0:40:09Producer Segment: Gx2 on YouTube; JCD parrots Mimi
1:00:26Obama Amazon “slave station” stammering ding-fest; “retire with dignity” and “basic bargain of this country” tweets and e-mails, “better bargain for the middle class” video, “health care costs are growing at the slowest rate in fifty years”, “grit and resilience of the American people”, new “highest priority”, “phony scandals”; Carney to Joe Scarborough on IRS scandal: “there is no question that activity that occurred at the White Hou… at the IRS…” (CotD)
1:15:40Obama whines about job losses due to budget cuts, JCD on sequester cuts to budget increases; speculation about Bernanke’s replacement; JCD reading journalist Karl Marx, slave holders using slave votes to rig Southern votes in favor of secession, panic of 1847 rail bubble, 2017 collapse and 2020 war, JCD: “I think we’re gonna fight against our own government”
1:31:52Nigel Farage on American “war on liberty and freedom”, Curry’s Law: “the more technology is centralized, the more it enslaves us”; “so uh” prefix
1:39:57Hacker Barnaby Jack dead at 35, Sir Dr. Sharkey on medical device danger memes; Forbes car “hacking” video; Morning Joe on Glenn Greenwald: “not a journalist, he’s an activist”; Manning guilty of wanton publishing, “prohibition against anyone … who wants to publish something on the internet that will make the government angry”, judge promoted mid-case, Pentagon Papers fractal
1:55:52Donation Segment
2:14:2579 killed in Santiago de Compostela high-speed derailment, ACC on Z-100 engineer’s train CD, Spain Europe’s top high-speed rail country, Dutch high-speed rail scandals, new €16bn deal and sabotage theory, “train bubble” economic collapse of 1847, civil engineer on sporadic monitoring, no mention of hacking scenario; ACC on douchebag former transport minister Camiel Eurlings joining KLM, JCD: “no, my mother’s saying, eh, this cabbage is no good!
2:32:48Two SWAT teams required to evict 63-year-old Idaho Springs woman
2:33:33New word from Dr. Oz: “diabesity”, “prediabetes”, “it’s an epidemic out there”
2:35:58Whistling Martin Dempsey on new secure network for iPhone “data processor”, “this phone … would make even Batman or James Bond a bit jealous”, “federated App Store”, “I worry that adversaries will to seek to exploit that chink in our nation’s armor” (CotD); Dempsey on $23bn cybersecurity investment, not for “run-of-the-mill intrusions”, protecting the domains, “network speed” vs “swivel-chair speed”
2:50:23JCD tip: buy Chanel No. 5 ahead of EU tree moss ingredient ban