Call Clooney!

533 Clip Show II (2013-07-25)

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0:00:00Intro with kudos to editor Ramsey Cain
0:01:37Drunk or not drunk Pat Leahy (521@0:15:07)
0:03:09NPR lisper on “magical tasty” processed foods like mac & cheese (492@1:11:16)
0:07:54Beyond the Candelabra (517@0:23:17)
0:09:54ARSONomics YouTube producer, NBN Lebanon TV producer’s first question: “are you the same Adam Curry as the MTV guy?” (418@0:33:14)
0:12:41Benjamin Fulford and Chōdōin Daikaku on ninja Illuminati army (396@1:29:10)
0:18:45Feinstein apologizes after forgetting to call Blumenthal (492@2:58:17)
0:21:31Austin Moonlight Towers, Servant Girl Annihilator serial killer (484@0:10:34)
0:25:47Pet food stamps, cat food mac & cheese with marjoram (492@1:15:57)
0:31:47Julia Gillard dodges flying sandwich (517@2:08:16)
0:33:04PBS runs David Koch hit piece documentary (516@2:06:01)
0:35:43JCD’s Gulf of Tonkin printouts (517@0:01:57)
0:40:09“If you’re one of over 50 million adults who suffer from a sore mouth…” (484@2:45:58)
0:40:35Black market “oryx burgers” update (418@1:35:45)
0:44:46ACC’s Super Bowl prediction, 33-minute power outage (485@1:28:25)
0:50:06Rod Serling in 1950s interview on self-censorship, Lassie puppies feedback (488@1:35:37)
1:01:04British hookers on sale (522@0:02:56)
1:03:57Come Giggle With Me stoned cooking show, JCD Legally Drunk talk show (520@2:38:19)
1:06:40America’s Next Top Model “I feel terrible!” (396@1:35:13)
1:07:11JCD on abolitionist Cassius Clay’s personal cannon (1@0:09:07)
1:12:28Rampant 33 in Chelyabinsk meteor coverage (488@0:24:16)
1:17:32Janet Napolitano: “I just don’t use e-mail at all”, JCD: “she doesn’t know how to use a computer at all”
1:21:17Iceland film song You Can’t Say No to a Soldier (20@0:20:00)
1:27:48Cymbalta and “may cause death” Celebrex competing for worst-sounding side effects (418@2:05:53)
1:34:43Sidecar and technology centralization, JCD: “that sounds like drone talk to me” (516@0:52:22)
1:37:05Hollande does a Timbuktu victory lap after “no shots fired” victory (484@2:46:38)
1:41:10Erin Burnett steamrollers Harvard law professor when he brings up “violence in our media” (484@1:39:40)
1:46:36Al Sharpton drops pledge of allegiance “under God” in MSNBC ad (485@2:34:32)
1:48:21ACC’s proposed Dutch bikes in Austin venture (485@3:08:34)