Call Clooney!

532 Red Cell (2013-07-21)

Show 532 album art
0:00:00JCD: “What I thought was a snide style.” (1:20:49)
0:00:32ACC in Amsterdam, “jet-lagged beyond belief”, airline bag-weighing; ABC interviews TSA thief; TSA’s “Blogger Bob” weighs in on valet car searches; ACC deploys “can’t raise arms” tip; Airbnb above massage parlor; ACC: “everyone’s drunk”
0:10:39Median house price 33% increase in past year; Google stock down after lousy earnings report; Freedom Controller feed archive outperforming Google; Amsterdam “pop-up stores” selling deeply-discounted bankruptcy merchandise, no credit cards allowed, war on cash
0:22:36Harry Reid on wildfires in the West: “the climate has changed”
0:24:24Captive Nations Week, “as citizens of the oldest democracy on earth”, “opportunity to reaffirm America’s role in advancing human rights worldwide”, ACC: “this means we’re up to no good”; McCain threatens to block Martin Dempsey’s nomination over nature of Syria action
0:30:19Helen Thomas dead at 92, Obama “shut up slave” moments, ousted from press corps for “tell them to get the Hell out of Palestine”; Mark Leibovich on the origin of This Town, “business cards flying” at Tim Russert funeral, Clintons “pros at sickness, at other people’s misfortune”; Janet Napolitano to make $570k at UC; Cornel West on possible replacement Raymond Kelly “poster child of racial profiling”, NSA’s Chris Inglis another possibility; JCD from Show 175 on taping over computer monitor cameras, “I dunno, the NSA perhaps”
0:45:12Producer Segment: “knight me in the mouth”; celebrity mouth-hitter Rien van Rijthoven
1:03:27JCD in contact with BitTorrent’s Bram Cohen
1:06:15Detroit bankrupt, Obama in 2012: “we refused to let Detroit go bankrupt” (CotD), ACC: “you’ll regret them words on day!”; Obama: “Trayvon Martin could’ve been me, thirty-five years ago”, JCD on Obama injecting self into local politics, ACC on foreign perception of US
1:12:36Texas Redneck Heaven Bar’s “anything but clothes” body paint days ruined by lone complainer
1:15:00Bloody-faced Dzhokhar Tsarnaev photo released in response to Rolling Stone cover, Hollywood laser sight dot, police photographer “suspended for a day”; NBC “snide style” for Rolling Stone’s “serious and thoughtful coverage”; British vs US newsstands; ACC’s man-dress
1:26:01Spector 360 employee-monitoring software animated video
1:32:45Author Brad Thor on DHS “Red Cell” program to “help them plot what the next terrorist attack might look like”, “faction” books, “applying that creativity like I do for DHS”, next up: Federal Reserve; term “Red Cell” coopted from military
1:39:45Donation Segment: “Groaning Again” Netherlands; “dry and boring” podcasts
1:49:25Culture Creationism: pot-smokin’ moms in Beverly Hills on Good Morning America, “cannabis made me a better human being”, “spend more” Prozac slam, JCD tip on danger of eating raw marijuana, danger of prescription medications, “cannabis” meme, JCD’s hemp milk fudgesicles; stoned or not stoned Diane Sawyer
2:02:18Sorkin’s The Newsroom “things get worse in Oklahoma” slam, Ms. Micky “nipples!”, JCD on Mimi noticing guy with dick hanging out
2:07:32Adam’s Gonna Read His E-mail: Marvel Superhero Squad Show global warming propaganda
2:11:38Former Senator Gordon Humphrey sends Snowden best wishes; Bradley Manning “aware that terrorist organizations use the internet”, “treason” definition, JCD: “he violated his terms of employment”; Casino “why take a chance?”
2:25:06Rep. Frank Wolf on Benghazi survivors’ nondisclosure agreements
2:27:43ACC’s drinkin’ up a storm itinerary and show schedule