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530 Boston Brakes (2013-07-14)

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0:00:00ACC: “Glenn Greenwald is out there, and he’s the hit man.” (1:47:54)
0:00:33Riots or not in wake of George Zimmerman verdict, “he’s free and he actually killed Trayvon Martin for nothing”, Jesse Jackson “jury of peers” for victim; attorney John Burris on prosecution witness for the defense, “innovative” icon-changing and oak tree yellow ribbons; No Agenda riot checklist and printed signs; Martin Kaplan on “outrage envy”, “we’re like one of those rats that have a lever to push, and cocaine comes out”
0:17:10Jay Carney on Obama-Holder meeting “in the Oval” regarding AP spying report, “wide range of news media stakeholders”, “protecting the American people by pursuing those who violate their oaths through unlawful disclosures of information”, media shield law blueprint, 45-day notification window, News Media Review Committee; Freedom of the Press Foundation’s Trevor Timm called out by producer, all-in on shield law
0:31:04Distraction of the Week: KTVU “soccer mom” reads bogus names of Asiana 214 pilots, “Sum Ting Wong”, JCD story: KTVU anchor Dennis Richmond meltdown over “goodnight, I’m Dennis Richmond” left off prompter, racist ethnic accents
0:39:45NTSB’s telegenic Deborah Hersman; lack of ambulances 911 call
0:45:13National Macaroni & Cheese Day
0:47:21Producer Segment: ACC story: great-grandfather’s baseball game
1:10:18Snowden spokeshole Glenn Greenwald lies to fast-talker Chris Hayes about Snowden’s passport revocation and Evo Morales’ Austria landing, “ACLU and Amnesty”; Jay Carney on Snowden’s “propaganda platform”, “unauthorized leaking of classified information”; WikiLeaks’ Sarah Harrison and Human Rights Watch’s Tanya Lokshina in Moscow
1:27:21China-Russia naval exercise; Kyrgyzgaz sold to Gazprom for $1; “Grenn Greenwald”: Snowden “threw away his entire life”, passing messages for family, Chris Hayes on Putin not “playing patty-cake”, NSA-Microsoft collaboration; Greenwald: US should “be on its knees begging” nothing happens to Snowden
1:50:47ACC: Greenwald should beware “Boston brakes”; producer requesting public records related to Michael Hastings’ death, 911 call logs, “giant explosion”, no skid marks
1:57:19FBI refuses to testify at Boston bombing hearing; amputee Jeff Bauman “quick healer”, “they were calling me Wolverine”; Cory Monteith’s death at Fairmont Pacific Rim hotel and Pacific Rim’s dismal numbers
2:05:36Donation Segment
2:14:13ACC’s mold allergy flare-up after dinner and cigars with Sir Gene, “at first I thought Gene had literally poisoned me”
2:17:35Adamn’s Gonna Read His E-mail: TSA shoulder injury tip works in Australia, “I don’t agree with everything you say” meme
2:23:01Janet Napolitano resigns from DHS, ACC Red Book: Ruth Bader Ginsburg dead within the year and replaced by Napolitano, Samuel Alito Boston brakes; Claire McCaskill plays robocall samples, 200k FTC complaints per month; ACC’s call from sexy-voiced Coalition to Reduce Spending woman
2:40:43MERS and $5M bail for Saudi princess; ACC’s interference from powered-down cell phone
2:43:00Military helicopters flying around Port Angeles; ACC’s single CVC emergency call
2:48:54European abortion rules stricter than what passed in Texas, 19 vs 27 abortions per 1000, National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy report massages numbers