Call Clooney!

52 Solex (2008-10-19)

Show 52 album art
0:00:20JCD’s college football woes, ACC in Netherlands for stepfather’s birthday
0:01:16Failed plan to get ACC DVD of CNN debate coverage because 9/11, 4.4GB server upload, ACC loses all interest in debate, BBC “Joe the Plumber” montage, Obama “look”, switch to teleprompter mode, never south of border, Bush never left country; “25% of global energy” meme again, McCain’s support for nuclear but none from GE, ACC: “but at the end of the day they’re backing him”; Lynn Forester de Rothschild switches allegiance to McCain, Obama busted for “look to offshore”, “enforce unfair trade agreements” flub; McCain: Obama next Herbert Hoover, “Joe the Plumber” and Dutch “Peter the Whore” profession surnames, McCain calls Obama “Senator Government”; Obama claims average healthcare premium is $12k/year, ACC’s €4500; Kleiner Perkins consultant Colin Powell endorses Obama, dancing with Nigerian hip-hop group in UK
0:16:37Project Oscar Mike November Delta “Obama MILF next door” teaser; automatic recount theory, “fifty-state strategy”, absentee ballots
0:20:45October 14 “fiasco”, no mother ships to be found, ACC: “I’m a gullible bonehead”
0:22:52“Awkward segue” into Isa review, looking into reasonably-priced offerings, ACC “hammered” on glass of white wine, Heitz Cabernet; ACC makes offer on house with AGA stove
0:33:11Hedge fund manager Andrew Lahde thanking “idiots whose parents paid for prep school, Yale, and then the Harvard MBA”, plugs marijuana, JCD “weed-loving money manager” post
0:35:07PDF “proof” of Obama using neurolinguistic programming, ACC “Obama-bots
0:36:03Austrian politician Jörg Haider dead in car crash 36 hours after TV “banking mafia” rant
0:37:44Former comptroller general to Bill Maher on bailout and $56T deficit
0:40:06“Planet Green” network, Dinner with Tom pushing vegan agenda, Al Gore NLP neurolinguistic programming; New York bailing itself out by investing pension money; UK banks foreclosing on rental properties; bare supermarket shelves in Iceland, JCD on cod liver oil to combat depression, on soygurt: “this stuff tastes like puke”
0:54:39Alaskan glaciers growing, ACC story: trip to North Pole for Molson Ice promotion with Metallica & Hole, JCD on Antarctica icebreaker cruises, not on bucket list, ACC standing on equator; JCD to work on Gitmo Nation T-shirts design
1:02:44UK to require passport to buy cell phone, giant metadata database, JCD on Interpol “org chart” database; OpenTable backdoor and private aircraft activity for predicting mergers and acquisitions; Wells Fargo forced to participate in bailout; Ron Paul getting a lot of air time, futility of printing money; JCD on visiting France in 1973, Solex motorized bicycle dragging another, ACC family grim postwar stories
1:18:05Financial Times on knitting and gardening renaissance, JCD on Peruvian women knitting constantly; banks cutting back on letters of credit for importers, coffee exporters stuck with excess supply; even Swiss banks caught up, everyone furious at ratings agencies, ACC invokes Illuminati, JCD blames education system, college kids signing petition to end women’s suffrage, California vs homeschoolers, ACC story: 52 states at Dutch school
1:34:26JCD on homeschooling JMD, mandatory flu shots for New Jersey kindergartens
1:36:25JCD on idiot calling LED “liquid crystal display” and refusing to admit error; Washington D.C. migrating to Google Apps; uninteresting Sarah Palin Saturday Night Live appearance