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529 No Coup (2013-07-11)

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0:00:00JCD: (Russian accent) “You like the redhead.” (2:27:42)
0:00:31Recording early due to JMD’s 19th birthday; ACC’s European itinerary
0:07:32Tsarnaev courtroom sketches, confession vs not guilty plea, new Russian accent; CNN 24/7 Zimmerman coverage; “dozens” of victims face-to-face, “emotionally packed”, “dishoveled” hair, man on the street with two idiots; ACC: “of course he’s not guilty, it’s not even him!”
0:17:13Charlie Rose The Guardian “we haven’t heard any specific national security concerns” revisited; Zbigniew Brzezinski contrasts Daniel Ellsberg with Snowden, CFR’s Richard Haass: China & Russia international community “outliers”, “he’s a felon, he committed treason”, NSA apologist Brett Stevens contrasts MLK with Snowden, “Zip drive”, Zakaria calls for “happy medium”; “balance” and “tradeoffs” in pre-Snowden Obama speeches
0:33:04Salon Laura Poitras interview on timeline, Poitras & Greenwald on Freedom of the Press Foundation board, Foundation for National Progress Mother Jones, $600k from Soros, ACC: “spook club”, Obama “knew this was coming”; Democracy Now perpetuates “forced down in Austria” lie; Poitras on meeting Barton Gellman on publishing leaks
0:51:21Russell Tice on NSA going after Colin Powell and military, phone records of law firms and Supreme Court, “wannabe Senator Barack Obama”, Cheney implicated; no sequester for intelligence agencies, Abby Martin “shadow government”, Tice on Post Office storing addresses
1:03:27James Comey’s confirmation, Cocaine Cowboys, Comey on “bumping into the media”, “front of mind” meme, shield law “carve-out” for national security; “Congress shall make no law”
1:10:40Producer Segment
1:20:09Obama 2012 “all your radio are belong to me” Executive Order and FCC’s 1,000 licenses for nonprofit low-power FM stations; journalist/spy Austin Goodrich dead at 87; JCD on NSA and cops going after hot women, “what do you think they were doing with Ross Perot?”; Clapper perjury and Holder dodge revisited, “wittingly” ruined
1:31:02Kim Dvorak on intensity of Michael Hastings’ car fire, engine & drive train behind car, no skid marks, “Mercedes says their cars just don’t blow up”; Hastings on I Lost My Love in Baghdad, wife Elise Jordan to finish Brennan piece, Yale graduate, ACC: CIA handler
1:44:52James Bamford on microwave interception satellites
1:51:33Fox News Rand Paul interview, post-coup aid money for Egypt; Jen “what a day!” Psaki’s stint at Global Strategy Group, “a democratic process is not just about casting your ballot”, “there are millions of people on the ground who do not think it was a coup”; Matt Lee: “will you let us know when the heat from the flames of the burning hoops that you’re jumping through to avoid taking a position on this get too hot, or will that just be obvious?”, Psaki: “I’m not a lawyer and I’m not aware that you are either, but you never know”
2:04:08Jay Carney on coup “change in government”; McCain: “it was a coup”; Obama in May: “I know that foreign aid is one of the least popular expenditures that there is”; Psaki asked about spy technologies “Highland, Vagrant, and Lifesaver”, push for UN internet takeover, “I just wanna make sure that the AP and Reuters stories are available to all the people of Singapore”
2:14:30Adam’s Gonna Read His E-mail: douchebag requests free ammo in federal vs state debate
2:17:06CNN on Spirit of the Czars vodka heist; Kimberly Guilfoyle McDouble chow-down
2:21:24Donation Segment: Grimerica donation
2:39:00Rick Perry’s sister vice president of corrupt United Surgical Partners International; veterinary price gouging; Lac-M├ęgantic rail disaster; George Zimmerman race-baiting icon changers