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528 Zero Risk Society (2013-07-07)

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0:00:00JCD: “She can execute anyone at her own will.” (2:33:18)
0:00:33JCD’s cricket sound effect
0:01:02Six-Week Cycle recap; Asiana Airlines Flight 214 San Francisco crash, ACC on incomprehensible Chinese student pilots; cop hauls away survivor describing hole in fuselage; publicity whore Sheryl Sandberg’s flight change; British reporter “um”-fest, out-of-action “piece of technology, a device which helps pilots to judge, um, distances and heights as they come in to land”
0:14:53ACC analysis: NOTAM indicated runway ILS out of service until August, PAPI lights, attempted go-around, “pilot error”; Obama advised by Lisa Monaco; X-class solar flare
0:21:01John Kerry on his yacht while Egypt melting down
0:22:25Local news report with scary music on University of Washington arrest of Justin Miles Jasper with “cache of weapons and body armor”, “handful of molotov cocktails”; Freedom Fighter Radio podcast; “first look at the man behind the ammo”, “anti-government literature”; journalist definition; ACC on e-mails used out of context in court; JCD on Mussolini’s crap novel
0:37:54Tom Hanks to do In the Garden of Beasts film, possibly to keep people from reading it
0:45:40Producer Segment: drone sonic boom tip fail
1:01:58William Binney on FBI and DoJ in bed with Whitey Bulger, Michael Donahue murder; NSA challenge coin WAWY “we are watching you”
1:11:51ALEC American Legislative Exchange Council “bill mill” producer on near-identical abortion bills; Amy Meyer prosecuted under “ag-gag” law for filming slaughterhouse, ALEC Animal and Ecological Terrorism Act model bill, “material support” language, undercover investigations as “economic terrorism”
1:22:49Dinner with the O-bots: Berkeley hummer Ruth Pennebaker at pro-choice protest, mostly over-50 crowd, closing clinic numbers; brain professor demolishes blood type diet; “you’re being manipulated” stirs things up
1:35:11William Pennebaker explains performatives; JFK “let me say this about that”, Steven Harper: “let me be very clear on this, I’ve been clear repeatedly”; Pennebaker’s pronoun analysis software, gender identification, Obama’s feminine language, pre-war dips in presidential “I” use, Tsarnaev tweets; NSA surveillance introduced in environmentalist court case
1:48:02Lonnie Snowden brings in Lichfield & Associates lawyer Bruce Fein, global hunger mission statement; South American leaders on CIA influence; Evo Morales’ plane FAB001 “forced to land” in Austria, ATC radio “we cannot get a correct indication of the fuel indication so as a precaution we need to land”, ACC on standard pretexts for unscheduled landings
2:00:35Jen Psaki “uh” ding-fest on Bolivian flight; NYT on FISA slippery slope
2:08:46Professor Russ introduces 1987 P. Slovic Perception of Risk study, “zero risk society”, Three Mile Island hysteria; Book TV on manufactured crises
2:19:17Donation Segment: Twitter wrangling over Asiana tail “fell off”; Aric the Shill on ring duty
2:37:083D printed napkin rings at O-bot dinner; ACC next up: coq au vin or oryx
2:43:45AlBaradei the Soros shill; YouTube message for Obama: “leave us alone”, Smedley Butler
2:47:56John’s Gonna Hum the Sunday Times: Morsi viewed military as “tamed”, possibilities for Turkey; China-Russia joint exercises “show of strength”; smirking Putin press conference on Snowden; Laura Poitras now reporting spying on Germany in Der Spiegel, Greenwald Snowden “problem with nouns” tweet
2:55:11Los Angeles transit exercises revisited, May Day occultism, 9/11 “holiday”