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527 Odious Selfies (2013-07-04)

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0:00:00JCD: “Oh, mac & cheese, oh, let’s get some mac & cheese!” (1:53:40)
0:00:35Zombies on Twitter believing US is 2013 years old
0:04:12NewsHour backgrounder on Mohammed Morsi ouster; Dempsey live on CNN; fireworks in Tahrir Square, ACC: “total Chiner operation”; Anna Chapman Snowden seduction attempt
0:11:50Obama announces Power Africa initiative at Symbion power plant, Millennium Challenge Corporation; Mohamed ElBaradei, NGO spooks jailed, Obama caught flat-footed
0:24:11Molly Wood and son visiting; Obama at Tanzania town hall: “if everybody’s raising living standards to the point where everybody’s got a car, and everybody’s got air conditioning, and everybody’s got a big house, well, the planet will boil over”; Muslim group files for Obama’s arrest in South Africa for war crimes; RT on George W. Bush war crimes, spying, and signing statements; Obama’s hundreds of signing statements, four-pager for NDAA; RT on depleted uranium by drones in South Sudan, “Obama the Odious”; Abby Martin the idiot; RT plays Obama “Predator drones”, Malaysian tribunal convicts top Bush minions in absentia, “odious” definition; “guilty of telling slaves the truth” producer clip
0:46:03Producer Segment
1:07:15NBC drone operator interview: sonic boom, guy with leg blown off “eventually … becomes the same color as the ground he bled upon”, “I’d become heartless”, “accomplishments” paper
1:17:08Where in the World is Edward Joseph Snowden jingle; WikiLeaks statement modified: “United States have has”, Greenwald: “it was sort of flavored with person who isn’t Edward Snowden”, “suspended animation in an airport”; Barton Gellman re-hired by Washington Post for Snowden coverage, to Bob Schieffer on working with agencies, Century Foundation senior fellow; Dvorak’s Guide to PC Telecommunications written by group; BBC call-in show with spooks
1:39:51Adam’s Gonna Read His E-mail: junior Army officers spending own funds on office supplies
1:41:42506th Infantry Regiment to be “chopped up”, Dempsey singing national anthem at ball game; Michael Hayden: “I’m convinced the more the American people know exactly what it is we are doing … the more comfortable they will feel”
1:47:20Donation Segment: EFF icon-change day; NDLS IPO
2:07:15San Antonio 18-year-old Justin Carter jailed for “terroristic threat” over Facebook “shoot up a kindergarten” post, reporter’s sarcastic-sounding “yeah!” to father; Jeff Olson acquitted of 13 counts of vandalism in San Diego Bank of America sidewalk chalk case, similar case in Pennsylvania; HSBC $1.9bn fine and James Comey for FBI; Talk of the Nation’s Neal Conan: “ah, I see we have a truther with us … it’s derogatory because you’re talking scientific nonsense”, “I’m hanging up on you because this is nonsense!”, show discontinued; Los Angeles “show of force” by militarized transit police, July 4 “heightened alert”, “no credible threats”
2:24:37Drunk or not drunk Diane Sawyer on “controvucial” Obamacare provision, “tipsy”
2:26:03Rachel Maddow on surprise Republican North Carolina abortion legislation, identical to Texas law, Hyde Amendment barring federal abortion funding, state clinic standards laws, ACC Red Book: $5000 RU-486 abortions; ACC told “you can’t just steamroll over the minority” in vote
2:38:11ACC welcomes Croatia to EU and Trans Adriatic Pipeline; ACC on first show using Ultimate Podcast Device