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526 #meh! (2013-06-30)

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0:00:00ACC: “And meh is close to baaa.” (1:34:39)
0:00:33JCD show theme “liars”; Ms. Micky in Amsterdam, ACC’s post-lawn-watering thunderstorm
0:03:10Arizona heat wave, ACC: “they cranked up HAARP”; presidential podcast mostly repeats global warming speech, “decades of carefully-reviewed research”, second Obama, “in a world that is getting warmer than it used to be, all weather events are affected by it”, conflates deniers with firefighters, “already paying the price” Yale talking point
0:11:252010 60 Minutes Bloom Energy hype, “its real, it works”, oxygen for Mars, “he reversed his Mars machine”, 35% tax credit, John Doerr: “we’re gonna change the world”, “discovered and funded Netscape, Amazon, and Google”, “clean energy was an emerging market worth gazillions”; Doerr vs Vinod Khosla, Khosla Seed high-risk VC; JCD: “it’s all fine-tuning what was invented in the 1800s”, JCD on hydrogen car “high-pitched squeal”, 10k PSI; WWII gasogene cars; Phoenix grounded flights due to heat vs “sheet metal and rivets”
0:33:42Producer Segment: JCD wine auction, decade-long Hennessy taster “shut up slave”
0:55:09Ask Adam: why no perjury charges for Clapper’s “not wittingly”; NYT opinion piece: American public “meh”; The Guardian editor to Charlie Rose: Snowden went to news organization for sake of privacy-security “debate”, consultation with administration on what to publish when, “we haven’t heard specific national security concerns”
1:09:55Wes Clark: Americans “solidly behind the PRISM program”, “Snowden’s gonna disappear… from the pages of history”; Obama: “I’m not gonna be scrambling jets to get a twenty-nine-year-old… hacker”; Snowden’s “father”: “he has in fact broken US law”, revoked passport, JCD: “this passport’s no good!”; Syria as US-Russia proxy war; Snowden jingles
1:21:32Lindsey Graham “welcome to America”; Anderson Pooper defends Greenwald from Peter King; Andrew Sorkin calls for Greenwald’s arrest, performative-laced “apology”; David Gregory walks back criminal charges question, Mike Murphy: Snowden “a felon and a fugitive”; JCD in Miss Venezuela pageant; European and US public “meh”
1:35:43“Generals’ Row” in Washington D.C., speechwriters and personal chefs; Gen. James Cartwright investigated for leaking Iran cyberattack; former Stasi colonel on using collected information
1:45:19Sherry Wolf “mike check” introduction at Socialism 2013 Conference; Greenwald on “award” of US Army blocking access to The Guardian; State Department document: “a passport will not be revoked when the whereabouts of the bearer is unknown”, passport “hit”
1:53:02Donation Segment
2:06:54Bill Maher “great!” for time to avert climate change, Vatican and Plan B and Gardasil, “God’s natural intended punishments for sluts who put out”, ACC: “he is the first on the train”
2:12:00Maher’s “heroic Wendy Davis” and her eleven-hour filibuster against Texas Senate Bill 5 in “elegant white suit and comfy pink sneakers”, closing 37 of 42 abortion clinics meme, five-month abortion cutoff, apathetic icon-changers ignoring the real societal outrages (ACCPPotD)
2:22:45RT on Obama’s Africa visit, protests over unfulfilled promises from last time and military activities, Johannesburg anti-US protests; Overseas Private Investment Corporation, $7bn for electric grid development; ring of US influence around Mediterranean locking out Russia, Leviathan field at 33° North 33° East; ACC Red Book: July 12 riots in Ireland
2:34:26Sanctimonious woman chews out prostitutes, Harry Reid on outlawing prostitution
2:38:18Dementia from overuse of smartphones and tablets, Erin Burnett “broken record” joke
2:41:28RCMP seizing guns from evacuated homes in High River