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525 SnowJob (2013-06-27)

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0:00:00ACC: “What is an artisan?” JCD: “They’re guys who make pots.” (2:18:20)
0:00:32Independence Day fireworks in the fog
0:01:33DOMA Section 3 struck down by SCotUS, JCD: “run around in a circle, waving your arms, yelling yay”, California Proposition 8 wrangling, states’ rights intact, “marriage” definition
0:17:54Al-Qaeda changing tactics because of Snowden, John Kerry: “people may die as a consequence of what this man did”; ominous William Hague: “in some countries secret intelligence is used to control their people — in ours, it only exists to protect their freedoms” (CotD)
0:24:35Ted Kaczynski and technology; “Mister” Snowden meme, Ars Technica IRC log; McCain: Snowden not technically in Russia “old Soviet-speak”; John Bolton: officers “could have opened the cabin door and pulled him off the plane”; Putin in translation: “it’s like shearing a pig: too much squealing, not enough wool”; Bolton: “if they don’t turn him over we should start responding”, vast number of top secret clearances; ACC on drone sysadmin and root password; Ed Schultz: “this isn’t about you, dude, this is about the security of the country!”
0:40:13Dead or not dead Mandela smiling at news of Obama visit; JCD’s USB speakers go haywire
0:44:45David Gregory and Greenwald spar over “aided and abetted”; linguist James Hitselberger
0:52:59Producer Segment: Scott McKenzie’s The Foot on the Shore
1:10:43Cryptome’s John Young and WikiLeaks, “Assangé”, lawyer Jennifer Robinson on Ecuador asylum application, Bertha Foundation, founder Lara Tabatznik on naked African schoolchildren, PR firm FitzGibbon Media to represent Assange & Snowden, Artist Action “earned media”; Wikipedia tracking Snowden page users, ACC: “I’m not even sure this Snowden exists”
1:28:23Google smart house; ACC: “the smart meters have got to go”; FEMA wood gasifier plans
1:34:07Obama on global warming action plan: “scientists had known since the 1800s that greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide trap heat”, “those who are already feeling the effects of climate change don’t have time to deny it”, 97% meme, “I’m here to say we need to act” performative; natural gas “transition fuel”; backyard nukes; gas lines for solar farms confirmed; “we don’t have time for a meeting of the Flat Earth Society”; oath of office “ultimate performative”
1:51:59Adam’s Gonna Read His E-mail: call center “fuck” tip works with Microsoft support
1:53:54Donation Segment
2:02:38Howard Stern all-in on NSA spying; stupid reporters jammed into Aeroflot flight from Moscow to Havana; Confessions of an Economic Hit Man and anti-Ecuador propaganda, $21M “leverage”, “one of the hubs for processing one of the chemical elements in cocaine”, Snowden’s “little martyr escapade … attention-seeking bizarre thing that’s happening”
2:13:46Julia Gillard resigns as Australian Prime Minister; JCD story: using coca leaves in the Andes
2:21:16JCD story: Barbara Boxer trying to pick up inspectors, Feinstein hissy fit over file room door chain; Feinstein on Snowden “clearly aided and abetted, possibly by the WikiLeaks organization”, Feinstein & Rogers believe they’re spies, “regulatory capture” and FISA court
2:29:42German bank bailout 8% tax on account holders; Haiku Herman on information exchange to combat tax fraud; Bill Cunningham & Tamara Holder name-calling squabble on Fox
2:37:43ShotSpotter in major cities; can’t disable iPhone presidential Giant Voice System
2:41:58Paula Dean “nigger” scandal a shot fired in Victoza vs Dulaglutide marketing war
2:47:45Marrakesh WIPO print disability treaty to combat file sharing, “war on the blind”
2:52:52Shameless BBC story on spinning mummy statue in Manchester Museum
2:55:33Texas abortion debate; State Department Bureau of Intelligence and Research