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524 Bono Douchebag (2013-06-23)

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0:00:00ACC: (unintelligible ranting) (0:44:32)
0:00:45Moscow airport Snowden skit, flight number tweeted by WikiLeaks; Wired article on Keith Alexander’s power, ACC’s CSS challenge coin; NSA whistleblower Russell Tice: “the situation is much worse, at some point I’d like to talk about that”, “I did my spying via space”, “40-some wannabe senator from Illinois”; CNN “breaking news” with Greenwald; JCD on conservative vs progressive libertarians; Shia LaBoeuf on FBI advisor revealing recorded calls
0:20:501.4M top secret clearance holders; pissing contest with Russia; CSS challenge coin; Faraday bag for Ms. Micky’s green card; bin Laden challenge coin; ACLU’s John Perry Barlow to Assange: “I trust the underlying faith of the Obama indus… administration”; “Kaiser” Alexander
0:38:52Mort Zuckerman to McLaughlin Group on potential for ubiquitous terrorist attacks; Quito Airport Snowden & Assange skit, asylum request; Barlow interview messaging
0:48:42Cato Institute’s Julian Sanchez to Congressional Internet Caucus Advisory Committee on bullcrap Section 215 cases, “no specific plot” in New York subway case
0:56:18Producer Segment
1:11:13Mary Ellen Callahan to committee: EU relations “likely irreparably damaged”, “ick factor”
1:16:22ACC on pro-nuke Pandora’s Promise, “it is the worst piece of crap”, actual Chernobyl death toll, no radiation at Fukushima, IFR reactor self-shutdown money shot sabotaged, gas backup at wind and solar farms
1:28:24NYT Michael Hastings obituary dismissive of McChrystal story; 2012 “uphill battle” for alternative media, “I’m still alive, I’m still standing, they haven’t put a drone strike out on me yet, I’m not in Gitmo”; possible small drone strike, explosion reports; UCSD presentation on remote car hacking, “including doing things like disabling the brakes”; Mueller on FBI using drones “for surveillance on US soil”; malicious WMA file; DARPA on dashboard display showing 140 mph in park, self-parking cars with steering under software control; Prius “floor mat” acceleration quietly ended, ACC: “keep that Lexus, John”, JCD’s hot rod, “hey girls”
1:44:20Ireland’s Clare Daly on Obama visit: “given the almost unprecedented slobbering over them that the nation has been exposed to”, Michelle’s lunch with “Mr. tax exile himself” Bono, “by any serious examination this man is a war criminal”, “leprechaun hats decorated with a bit of stars and stripes”; Dutch tax and patent haven; ACC on Bono walking away from interview
1:53:56Producer note on Obama “handful of yokels” stealing paltry sum of $45M
1:55:14Donation Segment: Noodles going public
2:12:03Upcoming dinner with the O-bots, new attendee James Pennebaker author of The Secret Life of Pronouns, spotting lies through use of performatives, “I want to say one thing to the American people, I want you to listen to me, I’m gonna say this again, I did not have sexual relations with that woman”, JCD: “who ya tryin’ to kid, Curry?!”; ACC’s flag from Afghanistan; Erdoğan: same in Brazil as in Turkey
2:26:08700 Eager Lion troops to remain in Jordan; TWA 800 and the Clinton body count; Obama “dead pool” including Andrew Breitbart and impressionist Steve Bridges, no cancer deaths
2:38:06Obama on upcoming “national plan to reduce carbon pollution”
2:40:47JCD on GCHQ building “three-point deal”; British Environmental Secretary on GMO technology “being led by funny professors with spiky hair and flapping coats”; Australian police shred Catholic Pedobear documents
2:44:33ACLU lawyer on “secret oversight of secret programs allowed under secret court orders”