Call Clooney!

522 Hookers on Sale (2013-06-16)

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0:00:00JCD: “Unbelievable!
0:00:311000-word man overboard note, “Heil everybody!” for Father’s Day; British hookers on sale
0:06:08Assad’s use of chemical weapons against opposition crosses White House “clear red lines”, based on “open-source social reports from social media outlets”; McCain recommends “cratering the runways with cruise missiles”; BBC on death statistics, Syrian Observatory for Human Rights one guy in a London apartment, UN report bases casualties on computer model; Zbigniew Brzezinski on “mass propaganda” of democratic war; DHS extends Syrian Temporary Protected Status for 18 months
0:23:37Ms. Micky green card interview with the Gestapo; questions: Charlize Theron, Michael Jackson, and podcasting; two-year “checkup”
0:38:27British MEP stutterer Andrew Duff, ACC comparison to Tourette syndrome
0:47:40Producer Segment: Provigil test “what are you learning?”; No Agenda CD podcast
1:06:05The war on whistleblowers, watching for Snowden smear campaign; Dutch Ruppersberger: “some people are saying that he’s a hero; he’s broken the law”, “all he had to do is raise his hand”, “high-school dropout”; Assange-whacking theory laid to rest; Jerrold Nadler to Mueller: “any terrorist … with half a brain in his head would assume that all electronic communications are vulnerable”, Mueller: “there are terrorists and there are terrorists”, JCD: Paltalk the big reveal; Jay Carney asked why White House has not expressed “more forcefully why it is necessary”, “protect our national security”, New York subway peroxide plot
1:26:13Madoff victim Mort Zuckerman to McLaughlin Group: “I don’t feel that my privacy has been violated”; William Hague to BBC: “if you are a law-abiding citizen of this country going about your business and your personal life, you have nothing to fear”, “indeed you’ll never be aware of all the things those agencies are doing to stop your identity being stolen”; JCD hit credit card fraud; William Binney asked about Greenwald being targeted by HBGary in 2011; Mike Rogers: “you have to have dots in the box in order to connect”, JCD on “just number” meme
1:40:08Robert Mueller contradicts himself to Jerrold Nadler; half of Senate skips NSA briefing; Feinstein on number of attacks prevented: “more than you think”; ACC: “they are now saying to people if you don’t want to get blowed up, shut up!
1:49:54Donation Segment: NewsHour to be made over after losing Gates money
2:19:38Dinner with the gay guys, Battleground Texas woman, “we talk about the snowflake”, “kill the black guy in the White House” meme, ACC: “she yells at Sarah Palin on Twitter”, Moms Demand Action work, created by Shannon Watts with son who is “afraid to sleep”, aka Shannon Troughton, spokeshole for Monsanto and GE Healthcare, “living document” meme
2:37:20Sandy Hook six-month anniversary event with reading of names, ACC reads two-week soldier name list; Pelosi on “oath of office to protect and defend the American people”, ACC: “that is not your oath of office, bitch!!” (ACCPPotD); JCD on MDA web page’s canned “Fact:” tweets for representatives; Hillary 2016 sticker
2:48:12Louie Gohmert on classified FBI Sensitive Operations Review Committee, blasts Mueller over Tsarnaev brothers’ mosque founded by convicted terrorist Abdulrahman Alamoud, “I’ve answered the question, sir”; Elijah Cummings rants at IRS, to Candy Crowley next day: “the case is solved”; Jim Jordan grills Mueller on IRS case assignees, contact by FBI prior to investigation; Howard Coble to Mueller: Benghazi has “trappings of a cover-up”, “hangs in my craw, as my late granddaddy used to say, it makes my coffee taste bad in the morning”