Call Clooney!

521 Techno Boondoggle (2013-06-13)

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0:00:00JCD: “Every time they catch him doing something like that he gets another star.” (0:20:05)
0:00:34SquirrelMail customization; “Twitter Armageddon”
0:02:49Dr. Kiki Google Hangout with Al Gore; Robert Redford: “climate change is happening fast”; Bill Clinton Father of the Year; evidence of Hillary’s security detail hiring prostitutes, Ambassador to Belgium Howard Gutman and underage prostitutes, big Hillary “bundler”
0:15:07Drunk or not drunk Pat Leahy, ACC: “he is completely slathered!”; NSA Führer Keith Alexander calls for classified session because terrorism; Clapper on giving “least untruthful” answer
0:23:33Condescending NSA shill calls in on C-SPAN to glorify Keith Alexander, “the thought that the government has time to read your chitchat … is crazy”, ACC: no more contractors, Snowden “a tiny tiny tiny little actor in General Alexander’s world”; Keith Alexander “protect American civil liberties from privacy”; Joe Biden in 2006 on not trusting administration; Alexander’s SIGINT work in Germany, 1978 electronic warfare degree
0:37:31Idiotic Barbara Mikulski at cybersecurity panel on avoiding “techno boondoggles”, “protect dot-com”; Mary Landrieu Coke bottle analogy; Mikulski: “this is the new enduring war”; Deloitte & Touche Global Defense Outlook: cyber “new military domain”
0:50:32Adam’s Gonna Read His E-mail: stoned teenager “consulting group”
0:53:15Producer Segment: producer magic number 43 theory; “Google No Agenda” comment
1:00:42Producer notes on NSA & FBI involvement with telecom equipment; TOR Project’s Jacob Appelbaum keynote at Chaos Computer Club, Greenwald & Poitras Snowden video; Poitras MacArthur Fellow grant; Eric Schmidt warns about Patriot Act exposure; Michael Morell retires after 33 years, replaced by White House’s Avril Haines
1:18:24Alexander’s British counterpart Major General Jonathan Shaw on secret checks & balances
1:21:37Adobe Omniture data center in Utah near NSA; Adobe Government & Insight, “every phone call, credit card transaction, and visit to a web site creates a data point that is collected and stored in different systems”, Adobe Mercado; new Mac Pro same diameter as Hellfire missile
1:28:37Martin Bashir on Snowden’s asylum option Ecuador, JCD Red Book: Snowden set up to kill Assange; RT oddball PRISM pronunciation; Chinese hackers “stealing patents” meme; 2007 “impeach” protest against Bush; Ohio Imam deported and disappeared; Japanese human rights ambassador Hideki Ueda: “don’t raff, why you are raffing, shut up!” (CotD)
1:40:18“Don’t call him Shirley” in British Parliament, ACC on lack of alternative media in UK; Parliament shouting session; Rev. Manning musical “go to Hell”; Democracy Now in 2007 on Israel’s secret plans to use low-yield nukes against Iranian nuclear facilities
1:48:49Donation Segment: Ham Radio Now podcast
2:01:24Bosnian protests over inability to issue birth certificates; JCD on police whistle ban in US, speech balloon protest signs; ACC Bag 33 test run; Ms. Micky’s Gestapo green card interview; Gitmo care package; immigration sample questions
2:13:52Broadcaster shutdown in Greece; Solar Impulse plane’s Dallas-St. Louis flight at 33 mph
2:18:02No bids on DEPA energy company in Greek fire sale; Nicaragua green-lights Chinese $40bn canal; Ethiopia Nile dam project; DHS admits backpack bomb drill in Boston
2:28:10WHO World Child Dental Fund milk fluoridation project; fascist Andrea Tanteros; Pat Caddell on mainstream vs political class views on surveillance, “new political cusp”
2:38:44Chicago Fed dramatically underestimates employment growth targets; food services hockey stick, JCD’s college Taco Bell job; top-hatted Santa Cruz boy never missed a day of school