Call Clooney!

520 Kale Donuts (2013-06-09)

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0:00:00JCD: “The name of the talk show is Legally Drunk.” (2:39:28)
0:00:32Heavy rain in Austin from car-washing jinx
0:01:32They Might Be Giants’ Call Connected Thru The NSA; Obama “people!” over lack of script, “I don’t want the whole day to just be a bleeding press conference”, JCD suggests scheißkopf, NYT’s Jackie Calmes asks Obama to “assure Americans”, Obama botches priorities again, “Constitutional right to privacy”, “nobody is listening to your telephone calls”, “there are some tradeoffs involved”, debate “healthy for our democracy”, programs “scrubbed thoroughly”, CEO “team” meme, “modest encroachments”, ACC: “it’s only the tip”
0:19:22Obama reminded to address leaks by souffleur, “quote-unquote secret program”, “the last thing they’d be doin’ is taking programs like this to… listen to somebody’s phone calls” with suppressed laughter; Susan “the twerp” Rice’s halting acceptance speech
0:27:39O-bot freakout; JCD story: Interpol use of metadata; Leo Laporte post, Cenk Uighur: “he lied!”; Bill Maher on failure to close Gitmo: “let’s not spread bullshit right away”; Chris Matthews: Obama “has never done anything wrong in his life”, “it’s just gotta believe it’s ethnic with these people”; Ms. Micky delighted; JCD predicts retroactive subpoenas
0:40:17Producer Segment: Harry Reid tries to calm the slaves
0:49:41JCD’s friend finds the show incomprehensible
0:52:43PRISM “Top Secret” slide; Ray McGovern: Obama “afraid of the CIA”, hecklers planted as proof of power; CIA-NSA feud, 180-day privacy window for e-mail, Facebook and In-Q-Tel, Robert Mueller’s Facebook visit; Silicon Valley freakout, Apple added six months after Jobs died; Glenn Greenwald former civil rights lawyer living in Brazil, pro-Petraeus and anti-Brennan, “massively invasive” FBI investigation; leak from “a reader of mine”, Salon blogger, SLNM $0.11 per share, Adobe Chairman John Warnock & William Hambrecht
1:12:56ACC on Adobe PDF redaction tool, Flash barred from iOS over awful security record, Adobe CTO heads for Apple; $3bn acquisition analytics company Omniture founded by Mormon, Adobe Auditude for iOS; Microsoft “voluntarily” hedge; ACC suspicious of Jobs’ cancer death
1:24:06Obama: “I will leave this office … sometime in the next three and a half years”; Clapper lies to Congress: “not wittingly”; Holder declines comment on wiretapping Congress, Mark Kirk: “the correct answer would be no”; The Economist guy to McLaughlin Group: tapping phones “what the NSA is for”; JCD on HTML5 as Flash killer; anti-Apple Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch, Mark Canter & Macromedia; Acrobat document tracking, EchoSign
1:43:18Donation Segment: $69.69 jingle creator Greg Davies; Healthy Surprise “kale donuts”
2:02:58Adam’s Gonna Read His E-mail: children conclude DoJ was justified in grabbing AP records
2:05:03Bill Maher: Second Amendment “just as obsolete as the Fourth Amendment”; Deval Patrick got hammered after Boston manhunt, “shelter in place” or “crouch and cower”
2:12:18Yemen covering for US Al-Majalah missile attack, “mixed meat”, Amy Goodman ends show in middle of story to make room for plugs; “Central Coast Shnews” outro; House of Representatives birthday singing; Bilderberg Group reporters joined by guy in clown suit, Alex Jones BBC rant: “hey listen, I’m here to warn people!”, JCD on Matthew Lesko, ACC: real information war on the next generation, Obama the frightened spokeshole, jobs for life via redistricting; FBI tender for loads of ham radio equipment, JCD: “what’s Curry doing?
2:35:37Best way to listen to a “cliche Kerry” speech; producer’s Andrew Jackson and the Vampires, Kevin McKee’s Come Giggle With Me stoned cooking show, JCD Legally Drunk talk show