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519 Freemium Reporter (2013-06-06)

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0:00:00JCD: “Hello stolen code!” (2:06:56)
0:00:31Credit score scam; “Adam’s Gonna Read His E-mail” earworm, effectiveness of jingle marketing; ACC’s eight-hour e-mail catch-up, No Agenda e-mail best practices
0:09:00National {Caribbean-American Heritage, Oceans, Great Outdoors, Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender Pride} Month
0:11:05Al Sharpton on Republican outrage over Susan Rice’s national security appointment: “slander and tried to obstreck”; Google’s $38bn per year in ad sales, BeyoncĂ© sold 340k copies of Vogue; ACC rates popular podcasts, Joe Rogan Reddit IAmA, JCD on Tom Leykis’ show; Sean Parker $10M Game of Thrones wedding debacle and The Great Gatsby
0:24:45The Guardian “Gardasil machine” full-tilt over Michael Douglas throat cancer “cunnilingus” on-the-street interview; cymbal-breaking kid Cymbalta native ad; “freemium reporters”
0:33:46Susan Rice’s double-dipping pension, Obama glued to the prompter, “she has defended Israel”, heckler outside the gate a sympathy ploy as with Michelle, “one of the things I don’t do, well, is this” flub, Michelle’s childish strong walk-out threat
0:43:40Producer Segment: JCD & Ms. Micky foot photos
0:54:27Fresh Air Robert Malley Syria interview; BBC on UN “grim findings”: child soldiers & chemical weapons in, beheading “by a child”, report based on phone interviews, chemical weapons agents “could not be identified”, ACC: “we have Tommy’s First Little Beheading Axe by Mattel”; pipelines and Al-Qusayr near Homs
1:08:19Atlantic Council’s Frederic C. Hof’s background with Armitage International, Project for the New American Century, bomb Pakistan “back to the stone age”, ChoicePoint a.k.a. LexisNexis, Armitage now on ConocoPhillips board; Condoleezza Rice on no-fly zone, “Syria is becoming the linchpin of a possibly exploding Middle East”; Margaret Warner “Sunni-Shia war” interviews; JCD on King of Jordan’s trips to San Francisco
1:33:46Producer feedback: Obama on and off Adderall, possible Provigil prescription for jet lag, drunk or not drunk Diane Sawyer on Provigil “secret society of the successful”, skin rash side effect, JCD: “the learning part of the brain stops working”; coffee addiction in DSM-5
1:51:29Hillary’s plastic surgery at CFDA Awards; Ask Adam: People’s Liberation Army Navy
1:57:54Donation Segment
2:12:27Reporter: Blackhawks “have had such a tremendous amount of sex... of success”; Loretta Sanchez on F-35 sounding like Caitlin Upton
2:17:06Adam’s Gonna Read His E-mail: psychopharmacologist disgusted with school lockdowns; SWAT and helicopters for middle school drill; UNC “currently operating under normal conditions” page; Connecticut Play By the Rules™ program teaching second-graders definition of rape, “do I have to obey police officers?”, “chatrooms are not safe places to be while online”, JCD: “Murder in the Chatroom is the name of my next novel!”, “it is illegal for anyone to possess a weapon”, online order form; No Agenda CDs and Book Club
2:37:57Scalia weighs in on arrestee DNA collection, victims’ rights lawyer all-in on pre-crime; Science Daily on link between eye blood vessel size and IQ
2:44:50Correct pronunciation of al-Qaeda; Martin Bashir: Republicans using IRS in “war against the black man in the White House”; Rohrabacher on cooperating with Russia against terrorism
2:53:18Rev. Manning on folly of running Herman Cain against Obama, “go someplace and shoot yourselves” rant, “go to Hell Mitt Romney!”; ACC Hillary replacement vice president theory