Call Clooney!

518 Hot Scene (2013-06-02)

Show 518 album art
0:00:00JCD: “Come on down! All right, are you ready? Give it a good spin!” (0:45:45)
0:0034New issue of Inspire magazine, Barbara Starr: “cruelly devoted to the Boston Marathon bombing”; Paul Cruikshank’s repeated “inspire” sales pitch, Jake Tapper on “lone wolf homegrown terrorism”; Obama: “we cannot neglect the dawning challenge of terrorism from within our borders”, “partner with law enforcement when an individual is drifting toward violence”, “strike a balance” between security and liberty, “intercept new forms of communication”, “strong privacy and civil liberties board”, established in 2006; ACC: “dudes basically need one room”, JCD on “no girls” sign
0:27:26Producer note on Obama “last full measure of devotion” and Gettysburg Address, Saving Lincoln “endless plague of war must continue” voiceover, Spielberg talks Lincoln, Lincoln-era epaulettes; Sears full of camouflage for kids; “still the most trusted sources” revisited
0:38:52Producer Segment: ACC real-life “CQ ships at sea”; BitTorrent Sync; KD “Bubba” Martin show notes
0:58:32BBC on European anti-banker protests, “pepper spray and batons”; Turkey’s secular history, Erdog╠ćan’s crackdown on Taksim Square protest; CNN reporter’s Istanbul coughing fit, JCD “big meeting tonight!” skit; ACC Red Book: pipeline explosion
1:13:48Nova “Manhunt” “they have explosives, some kind of grenades, they’re in between the houses now!” radio voice, “another pressure cooker bomb”, Tamerlan run over with cop’s foot on his head; FLIR and “shrink wrap” on boat; CMU facial recognition experiment with “artificial intelligence technique called machine learning”; “Keystone Cops” boat barrage, JCD: “what are they shooting at??”, ACC: “was there even live ammo in this script”, no reports of collateral, “still a hot scene”, ACC: “take 22”
1:31:08FBI agents killed in rappelling accident; agent to Anderson describes throat injury as knife wound; Florida school district doing retina scan “eye swipes” on school buses; EyeLock “commercial” at elitist TED
1:40:23Donation Segment
1:50:23Spacecraft calls CQ on Star Trek TOS
1:51:15Bill Clinton love child with hooker Danney Williams; Jimmy Iovine “douchebaggin’”, Daisy music curation plan; new show idea: street musicians
1:58:25Adam’s Gonna Read His E-mail: claim that generals do not design their uniforms debunked by JCD; $3.33 cap gun rolls; Howard Zinn’s People’s History of the United States propaganda; Operation Early Victor Iraq precursor; “Grumpy Hams” and NA kid’s show, JCD: “and did you know your teacher’s a whore?”; ACC possibly unverified on Twitter due to surveillance order; DHS social media keyword list: “conventional weapon”
2:11:43Frontline “Top Secret America”, Cofer Black and post-9/11 CIA, handing out money in Afghanistan, Black: “we went in to kick ass, and we did”, JSOC vs CIA; ACC bullied over first name; Pentagon Office of Special Plans claims Saddam/al-Qaeda connection; Nova vs Frontline on CIA, “has top secret America made us any safer?”; producer Dana Priest
2:35:33Charles Krauthammer: “what was the President doing” during Benghazi, “stoned off his ass” rumor, YouTube video “white-line marketing”; White House redshirt dodging the Krauthammer question
2:41:28“Congress shall make no law” revisited; Tom Brokaw: “not unconditional”; Bob Schieffer to redshirt Dan Pfeiffer: “why are you here today?”