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517 Chubby Hitler (2013-05-30)

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0:00:00JCD: “We do not do discounts!” (2:19:28)
0:00:32JCD’s Gulf of Tonkin printouts; Dick Durbin on media shield law: “does it include a blogger?”; shield law national security exemption; Krystal Ball: “there will be more transparency” under Obama; First Amendment “Congress shall make no law”, ACC: “a shield law is by definition unconstitutional”; Martin Bashir WTF bumper Three Is a Magic Number
0:20:11Ibragim “Kevin Rose” Todashev’s “kill shot to the top of the head”, FBI changing timeline; Nova Manhunt vs Beyond the Candelabra, Michael Douglas vs Liberace, Matt Damon ass shots; Manhunt Microsoft Kinect “domain awareness” system; “smoking gun video that has not been publicly released”, “leaving a backpack on the sidewalk not far from the second detonation site”, producer Miles O’Brien’s relationship with Xeni Jardin
0:36:48Producer Segment:
0:45:07“we’re live” on JCD alternative podcast; National Association of Broadcasters “still the most trusted sources” PSA; Smash cancellation, mainstream TV desperation; endless podcast opening songs, ACC on ham radio podcasts: “they all suck balls”
0:55:42Robert Mueller’s proposed replacement at FBI James Comey, former HSBC money launderer; Ukrainian Liberty Reserve money launderer Arthur Budovsky; Sinaloa deal and Fast and Furious, AK-47s “walking” around Mexico, CIA agents under fire by Mexican police, widespread extortion, Zetas “military-minded” group, violence drop under Sinaloas
1:10:30Disneyland “dry ice bomb” arrest; World Bank whistleblower Karen Hudes; JCD on Nazi Germany “bad scene”; Freedom Controller work; Patricia Paay’s tell-all book; Matt Rothschild’s You Have No Rights; Ms. Micky’s “parole”; Janet Napolitano “chubby Hitler”
1:27:53Seventeen-year-old Grant Acord arrested for planning school attack with “napalm bomb”, PANDAS disorder, JCD on playing cowboys and Indians, disappearance of cap guns; University of Missouri Giant Voice System text message over professor with musket; Mount Vernon GVS for park trespassers, “if you’re not doing anything wrong, don’t worry about the cameras”
1:38:57Adam’s Gonna Read His E-mail: seventh-grade short-circuit “felony arson” prank, “the kid who tried to blow up the school”, pedophile cop; school pastor on tactical response team paintball fight, “angry parent”; Serbian hospital staged car tire fire
1:50:37Donation Segment
1:59:11Tornado Fujita scale revised to Enhanced Fujita scale based on damage
2:03:01Second Half of Show: Curiosity rover finds rat & lizard; WHO: MERS-CoV “threat to the entire world”; Julia Gillard dodges flying sandwich; Al Roker on “sixteen thousand ton” tornado chase vehicle; Al Sharpton: “they wanna put an asstick next his name”
2:11:55Mokhtar Belmokhtar didn’t file his al-Qaeda expense reports on time and ignored meetings
2:20:05Amy Goodman on data center energy savings “because the medium is the message”, C-SPAN caller: “you vilify Israel”, Netanyahu standing ovation ignored; Eager Lion 2013 in Jordan, Red Book: Israel chemical suicide bomber, Lindsey Graham “calling dibs on his office” tweet
2:29:15Connecticut law to prevent release of Sandy Hook police documents and 911 tapes
2:31:36Brookings Institute on radical shift in public perception of marijuana; William Brownfield on OAS drug study, UN drug conventions, pages of identical “eyes legalization” AP stories; JCD “slammed” on TWiG; potential Cranky Geeks reboot, ACC on pointless video podcasts
2:42:32Advertisers concerned about Facebook “gender hate”; WAM Women Action and the Media shared address with YWCA