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516 9/11 Generation (2013-05-26)

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0:00:00JCD: “Oh, let me see if I have any in the cupboard!” (0:44:45)
0:00:34Code Pink co-founder Medea Benjamin interrupts Obama during drone policy speech, “I think killing innocent people with drones is rude”, on “sneaking” into event: “there are some secrets, Amy, that can’t be disclosed”; JCD story: planted screamer at Led Zeppelin concert, Robert Plant’s secret house in Travis Heights; Juan Gonzalez: “did you get a sense that … his people didn’t mind the interruptions?”, “behind the scenes” Secret Service scuffle
0:14:09Obama on droning al-Awlaki “before he carried out a plot”, “the strike that took ‘im out”, “actively plotting” compared to sniper rampage; Jeremy Scahill to Rachel Maddow on attempt to kill al-Awlaki in December 2009
0:19:46Presidential Directive “fact sheet” on use of lethal force, “only when capture is not feasible”, “continuing imminent threat”, “near certainty”, Major Dvorak “assessment” skit: “fire!”; “senior lawyers”, JCD: “interns”, screwball “noncombatant” definition; new military satellite to be used to “hunt terrorists using unmanned drones”; Rand Paul CPAC “don’t drone me bro!”
0:34:31Greek prostitution up 150%; anti-Muslim protests in London after attacks on British & French soldiers; French Constitution drift, Stockholm burning vs Today Show Barry Obama homecoming photo; MI5’s attempt to recruit Michael Adebolajo, witness arrested at BBC
0:42:35Theresa May on “what is being beamed into people’s homes” internet radicalization; reflections on FidoNet & CompuServe, decentralization, JCD: “that sounds like drone talk to me”
0:54:45Producer Segment
1:04:47ACC’s sympathy for the military; Obama Memorial Day warmongering “last full measure of devotion”, ACC: “they hate your guts!”, “our 9/11 generation”; Bruce Gagnon on Cold War restart for oil & gas extraction, missile defense encirclement of China, first-strike wargames; ITAR definition revisions in Federal Register to include spacecraft; Gagnon on Chicago’s Crown family fundraising for Obama, new $4-7bn General Dynamics Aegis destroyer
1:32:00Ride sharing and Airbnb subject to government intrusion
1:35:06Adam’s Gonna Read His E-mail: Erik Larson’s In the Garden of Beasts and rise of German fascism; JCD’s podcasts you could be listening to; podcasts disparaging conspiracy theories
1:42:30Donation Segment
1:50:14Ed Schultz rants about “hero” teachers’ low pay and “Republican budget cuts” by Rahm Emanuel, “conservative plot to privatize education”; NBC “find a forest near you” PSA; The More You Know “super-cool smaller plate”
1:58:38California “the big one” predicted; throw eggs at Silicon Valley douchebag shuttles; shitizens worth $22 to Tumblr; Ms. Micky friended by fake JCD, ACC PSKmail signup
2:06:01WNET David Koch hit piece; anti-Monsanto protests worldwide for GMO labeling, Whole Foods smelly envelope scare; Behind the Candelabra Liberace film; mysterious deaths near Montgomery AL port
2:13:21Toronto Mayor Rob Ford: “I do not use crack cocaine, nor am I an addict”
2:14:37Huma Abedin’s darting eyes in Anthony Weiner mayoral run video, Stephanie Miller: “if his wife forgives him, I guess I do”
2:19:14Australian police warn against 3D printing guns, 100k downloads meme, “make no mistake about it … they will kill”, “if you are thinking about even considering making one of these weapons”, “homemade plastic land mines”; JCD Red Book: Six-Week Cycle around July 4
2:29:56Chris Christie on Hurricane Sandy and global warming; Dutch Air Force to be run by Germany