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515 Wantonly Podcasting (2013-05-23)

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0:00:00ACC: “That should be their slogan: Microsoft, it’s finger-friendly.” (1:10:02)
0:00:33Horrible IRS hearing in a nutshell: “you’re sure you’re being square with us?”, “excuse me?”; Republican set-up theory at O-bot dinner; MSNBC: “why didn’t Romney make more of a big deal of it?”; Lois Lerner: “I have not done anything wrong”, takes the Fifth; IG J. Russell George dated Michelle Obama; Douglas Shulman: no application process for 501(c)(4)
0:16:29Haiku Herman on tax avoidance; Nigel Farage on 12% tax rate for MEPs making over £100k, “the grave mortal danger of olive oil in dipping bowls has been removed by the officials!”
0:22:00Professor Russ surprised by Richter scale replacement; New York Times editorial by Boing Boing science editor on Boston bombing conspiracy theories, psychology professor Viren Swami: “the best predictor of belief in a conspiracy theory is belief in other conspiracy theories”, overactive amygdala, professor Russ: “load of horse shit”; Wall Street Journal on “insincere behavior” and sarcasm as signs of “brain disease”, insula region; Brad Pitt’s prosopagnosia; “I’m suffering from brain disease” cards
0:38:39New to DSM-5: hoarding disorder and “collectors”, BED binge eating disorder, skin-picking disorder, somatic symptom disorder vs hypochondria, electroshock for internet addiction
0:45:41Producer Segment
1:00:52Bing’s Duane Forrester on “Bingbot’s crawl rate”, extortionist webmaster tools, “all clear” notification; Aric the Shill discovers Chrome pre-bot behavior; Microsoft douchebags promote Bing search app, “full-page experience”, “finger-friendly”, “boom, look at that!”
1:10:25Operation Fast and Furious: Sinaloa cartel’s drug monopoly in US, Jesus Vicente Zambada Niebla immunity deal; identical scenario in Sons of Anarchy; Fast & Furious 6 Google wash; House panel report: result “regarded with giddy optimism by ATF supervisors”
1:24:51Journalist Alexa O’Brien camped out at Bradley Manning trial, “wanton publishing” charge, WikiLeaks vs authorized leaks “to sell war or a particular political agenda of the elites” (CotD); unreleased Garani Afghanistan bombing video, Rumsfeld’s Abu Ghraib “worse to come”
1:35:59JCD “can you turn off the fan, please” alternative podcast intro clip
1:36:37Donation Segment: Click, Print, Gun produced by Jim Czarnecki
1:54:54Molly Wood’s birthday, gadget-destroying Always On show; ACC under onslaught of live oak pollen, JCD on oak for smoking meat, “I have an oak tree that I’ve been eating”
1:59:16Elite FBI counterterrorism agents involved in Boston bombing killed in rappelling accident; Tsarnaev friend Ibragim Todashev killed by FBI in Orlando, “attacked an FBI agent with a knife”; Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s fiberglass boat inscription; feeling for beheaded London knife victim’s pulse; Obama speech and upcoming Six-Week Cycle
2:06:56Brolf frightens Moore tornado survivor’s three-year-old, ACC triggered by teaching kids to high-five, “do you thank the Lord?” to atheist; Carl Bernstein on Iraq War thanks to “Jewish NeoCons”; Matt Damon toilet strike, “meeting of the Illuminati”
2:16:41Court rules against release of bin Laden photos because they may “reveal intelligence methods”
2:18:48New federal sexual harassment definitions featuring “unwelcome”; do’s & don’ts for DoJ managers, “every manager ought to be a vocal advocate for the LGBT cause”
2:25:19BBC: lower short-term global temperature rise predicted; 1975 Newsweek piece on “the cooling world”, “were coming out of a little ice age”; Climate Reality Project The Price of Carbon video: “its time to have the carbon conversation”
2:32:39ACC Red Book: Obama press conference “the day that the police state was finalized”