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514 Patriotic Printer (2013-05-19)

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0:00:00ACC: “We make stuff, that goes onto stuff, that kills stuff!” (1:21:08)
0:00:33Panic of 1837 & 2017 depression; Nixon-era “not sure I understand the question” dodge; Pentagon Papers parallel with DoJ AP scandal, James Goodale compares Obama & Nixon over Assange, “very easy to prove conspiracy, very hard to prove espionage”, secret grand jury, Assange warns of Pentagon Espionage Act reinterpretation, Obama’s 7M classified documents, Nixon: “it is time in this country to quit making national heroes out of those who steal secrets and publish ‘em in the newspaper”, on Ellsberg: “we’ve gotta get this sonovabitch”
0:20:47Jeremy Scahill on “world is a battlefield” doctrine, “the Executive branch is effectively a dictatorship”; media shield law’s national security exception; Jay Carney to Piers Moron: “you’re concocting scandals”, “record on transparency that outdoes any previous administration”
0:27:04DoD “defense support of civilian law enforcement agencies”; hacker goes after creator of Photoshopped Martin Richard image; US Cyber Command lauds “patriot hacker known as The Jester” for shutting down WikiLeaks
0:34:52Obama visits pre-kindergarten to camera shutter racket; Biden reads letters from kids about guns; NBC: scandals “just a blip”, Obama “going Bullworth”, Red Book: Carney on the way out; Chris Matthews: “a piece of it is racism”; Ed Schultz: “for the greater good, which is in the Constitution”, “liberals, that’s who we are, we care about our neighbors”
0:47:36World Trade Week, Emergency Medical Services Week; Eurovision Song Contest winner Denmark’s Emmelie de Forest, song ripoff controversy
0:51:53Producer Segment
1:02:46JCD’s meeting with O-bots Mark & Laurie; JCD’s disastrous first meeting with Ms Micky
1:09:18Adam’s Gonna Read His E-mail: microphone-blowing principal announcing tornado drill
1:13:03Producer feedback on Cody Wilson; State of the Union on 3D manufacturing hubs, DoD & DoE, National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Institute “war on hacker spaces”; farming parallel, JCD’s raw milk in Port Angeles; Europe’s war on seeds and olive oil; CVC now a lesbian; Sir Gene at the Maker Faire; ACC’s “some assembly required” misting fan “plastic shit”; Hamvention live stream, guy with antenna tower hard hat, open-source Fldigi
1:39:06Huma Abedin’s consulting gig with Teneo Holdings
1:42:47Charles Krauthammer on staged question for Lois Lerner on IRS targeting; Reince Priebus talking Republicans down on impeachment; cheers for Mike Kelly rant, “the American public should be outraged, and they are
1:50:51Donation Segment
2:09:38Lindsey Graham all-in on presidential authority to put “boots on the ground” in Yemen and Congo, “I hope the Congress is okay with that, I’m okay with that” (CotD); Angus King pleads for Constitutionality in AUMF, “associated forces”, war powers “null and void”, “the way you read it there’s no limit”, ACC: “he’s gonna get a talkin’ to”
2:22:38Obama “al-Qaeda in chief” viral meme in military; Ambassador Ford’s al-Nusra meeting, leader designated “global terrorist”, “makeshift oil refineries”, JCD: “this is bullcrap!”, proxy war with Russia in Syria; Bob Baer on outed CIA Moscow station chief; Erin Burnett on Uzbek Fazliddin Kurbanov terrorism charges in Idaho “teaching people … to build bombs that could blow up a public transportation system”; CIA shadow government theory, ACC: “the next Republican president is Hillary Clinton”; Obama’s head cocked to the right, Red Book: Serene Branson gibberish attack; Joe Biden the hilarious president, ACC: “I’m excited now!”