Call Clooney!

513 Pre-Dead (2013-05-16)

Show 513 album art
0:00:00JCD: “Aww, you guys are just a bunch of skeptics and jerkoffs.” (1:36:21)
0:00:32Start-of-show meeting: new Dame Lizzie “the No Agenda Show, like a kick to the crotch!”
0:01:58Drunk or not drunk Peter King on “number two guy” Morell overruling Petraeus on Benghazi
0:05:27ACC Red Book: IRSgate a “setup of massive magnitude” for Republicans targeting Tea Party; Lois Lerner conference call apology, acting commissioner Steven Miller’s resignation letter; Rachel Maddow finds revised criteria “ideologically neutral” ignoring mention of Constitution
0:17:51NAACP’s Julian Bond: Tea Party “Taliban wing of American politics”; strange PayPal “compliance with regulations” donation messages; JCD tax audit tip: don’t take all possible deductions, ACC story: “we got your attention, didn’t we?” freezing bank accounts
0:27:17Bitcoin increases not that it is under government scrutiny; Queen leaves British Parliament to horn cacophony, Ivanhoe kid’s show; producer thanks JCD for going braless tip
0:33:19Angelina Jolie boob job double mastectomy the distraction of the week, coverage under Obamacare, push for gene sequencing, ACC: “you’re pre-dead”; BRCA “breast cancer” gene, blood alcohol “pre-drunk”, farfetched 87% accuracy; Mimi fighting “she’s so brave!” memes on Facebook; Pink Lotus Breast Center all-in; JCD: “hey, now they’re the same size, how ‘bout that?”; JCD “what you’re missing” comic book podcast sample
0:45:49ACC “quit your job” on KLBJ Dudley & Bob morning show, JCD: “I’m livin’ the dream”
0:53:44Producer Segment
1:04:13JCD Google I/O summary: cheering; man overboard due to Google Gestapo rant; sturmbannf├╝hrer Matt Cutts: “we also continue to work on hacked sites”, pushes Google Webmaster, “detecting when someone is sort of an authority in a specific space”, “a little more appropriate for users”, native advertising “advertorials”; North Korea on Google Maps the reason for Eric Schmidt’s visit; creepy “okay Google”, ACC’s TWiT prediction, spooky facial recognition
1:31:40Two inches of snow in Shropshire; coronal mass ejection “bad for Hamvention”; Time Magazine’s Jeffrey Kluger on 400 ppm milestone: “we would be swimming at this address”
1:37:40Eric Holder struggles to address FBI warrantless e-mail collection, reminisces fondly about “forty, fifty years ago”; tantrum at “yes, you didn’t want us to see the details” of Thomas Perez e-mails: “it is unacceptable and it’s shameful”; Doug Collins on AP probe: “did you not think those questions were going to be asked of you today?”, “Mr. Attorney General, you don’t control the time here”; indignant “I am the Attorney General of the United States”
1:55:14Donation Segment: APRS ITM via ISS; JCD: no one teaching longhand any more
2:12:44Adam’s Gonna Read His E-mail: high school student suspected of being future Columbine shooter; “code blue!” trigger and armed resistance tactic; Kalamazoo “bend over and shut up”
2:23:25Producer note on Mali “arsenal” of 27 RPGs, $4.22bn pledge of aid for BP & Total; Syria heart-eating rebel Abu Sakkar; $1.3bn IMF loan for Cyprus
2:28:32Cody Wilson’s 3D printed Liberator WWII FP-45 callback; exploding version in Finland; disguised Aussie or British accent in Click, Print, Gun documentary, JCD: South Africa
2:34:40Cost of maintaining a Gitmo prisoner: $900k per year, $50M for new Camp 7
2:37:47Sharpton on Republicans “over-jumping the runway”
2:38:46Jailed in Dubai for being gang-raped; 23 days in jail for kiss on the cheek; Emirates strong-arm “favorite carrier” tactic, gold-plated Holiday Inn; Obama congratulations for Pakistan election vs boots on the ground; no witnesses or evidence for bin Laden’s burial at sea
2:47:57“Racist” Gadsden flag removed from New Rochelle armory