Call Clooney!

512 Club Sub (2013-05-12)

Show 512 album art
0:00:00ACC: “You don’t know how to use the shells?” JCD: “Shells??” (1:43:31)
0:00:32JCD on Twitter’s stupid “who to follow”
0:02:08Jay Carney on Benghazi “deep background briefing”; JCD story: in the control room of Canadian radio program; ACC story: Tom Brokaw at MSNBC opening; Scott Pelley: “we’re getting the big stories wrong”, Nancy Lanza mea culpa; Richard Grenell on CBS & ABC News presidents’ siblings White House insiders; Pew’s 60 Minutes 33% credibility rating
0:18:07Obama on economy, “sales are up, foreclosures are down”, credits “my new housing plan”; New York Magazine “four years to save the earth”, State of the Union climate change revisited; 400 pmm threshold crossed,; Yale climate change rebuttal cheat sheet; NRDC Natural Resources Defense Council calls for EPA to flex Clean Air Act muscles
0:39:15National Strategy for the Arctic Region, national security talking point, “law of the sea” asset grab; Russian Leviathan port deal with Israel & Cyprus, warships in Mediterranean; UN’s Carla del Ponte: chemical weapons apparently used by rebels; British Home Office developing Discriminating Irritant Projectile; fun fact: TASER Thomas A. Swift’s Electric Rifle
0:52:58Show 512 on 5/12 poorly marketed; show prep’s usefulness for dodging Austin fashion week; ACC’s vivid dream of President Biden, odd Obama “as long as I hold this office”
1:01:34Producer Segment: Mother’s Day and National Train Day
1:06:33Sandy Hook school to be demolished and rebuilt on-site; Persons of Interest trigger warning; “angry parents at a school” drill, “we’ve been dealing with this, cross-country, for years”
1:11:58Adam’s Gonna Read His E-mail: school lockdown and bomb drills; “secret window” drill
1:16:44Anderson Pooper and Brolf SWATted; Ms. Micky’s brother visiting, LiFi LED communication
1:24:12Shameless Man of Steel National Guard ad, Obama “civilian national security force” revisited
1:26:47Pre-stream “Dick Wagner” Cinco de Mayo, clueless UK quiz show contestants, foreboding background music skit; “love, it’s the most powerful thing on the planet” iso; “Val & Phyl”
1:33:14Australian women and seniors encouraged to enter or stay in workforce
1:36:21Diane Sawyer on “the openness of the vibrator” in “Foxy Knoxy” murder case, European toilet brushing regimens, poop shelf toilets, JCD: “hey, where’s your brush in here?!
1:46:01Donation Segment
1:52:55Second Half of Show: dying former CIA agent talks Roswell and Area 51, “I got the mathematical code for reversing gravity on a three-by-five card”; Wilhelm Reich and desertification; esotericist Rudolf Steiner’s biodynamic agriculture and Farmer Chris’ onions, JCD recommends biodynamic wines, apogee/perigee and Six-Week Cycle
2:10:51Tsarnaev brothers potentially linked to “another whore horror” on September 11 2011, “marijuana covered the bodies”; feds tight-lipped over mysterious slow airplane over Quincy, MA
2:16:12Chinese carjacking victim “Danny” unlikely count to unlucky number four; drunk or not drunk Cleveland kidnapping neighbor Charles Ramsey interview with Anderson Pooper, ACC story: Countdown milk native ads, ACC: “get him more Red Bull!!”, auto-tune Dead Giveaway
2:28:22Jay Carney calls IRS targeting of Tea Party “inappropriate”; Obama in 2009: “President Crowe and the Board of Regents will soon learn all about being audited by the IRS”, ACC: “you’re an asshole!”; IRS employee “not good at math”; patriots are bad meme, Gadsden flag
2:37:40Forbes’ Andy Greenberg on 3D printed pistol; dodgy Defense Distributed; Chuck Schumer on In the Line of Fire parallel, “no-one wants to abolish” 3D printers lie; licensing prediction; “wiki weapons”, nonexistent nonprofit Defense Distributed