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510 Furtive Movement (2013-05-05)

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0:00:00JCD: “Stay on your side of the street, and smile!” (0:53:51)
0:00:32Cinco de Mayo; “blacklisted by the Google police” on Firefox & Chrome, prison-striped cartoon figure malware warning, snarky Jeff Jarvis Google+ post, ACC: “we need a truly independent browser”; “you will be also Twitter’s representative to the news industry”; ACC: “you passed on your Google AIDS to me, man”; “malware” actually an SEO hack; JCD When Did Google Become the Internet Police article; ACC to Amazon: “stop sending me Mother’s Day advertisements, she’s been dead for six years!
0:28:32Producer Segment: “science is everything!” iso, science replacing religion
0:38:10NYPD “250” stop & frisk drill, tactic “designed to stop crime before it happens”, Councilman Jumaane Williams on “furtive movements” due to Tourette’s, DSM-IV link to ODD, Haldol; RealDolls for carpool optimization; NYT: sharp rise in US suicide rate
0:51:18Gattaca “invalids”; British Parkinson’s sufferer arrested by Surrey police for not smiling; producer in tears because situation is “hopeless”, watching Walking Dead as a non-zombie
0:55:47People freaking out over study showing 29% of Americans expect armed revolution, Piers Moron: “where would the tyranny come from”, “I’m seriously against the right to have military-style assault weapons to blow kids’ brains to pieces”, “I don’t have an agenda, I just want to make America safe, and save lives”; O-bot AR-15 “I know where to go when the shit hits the fan” comment; Great Depression revolutionaries; Truman security state
1:04:43Obama “maybe I should just pack up and go home”; Eric Holder and “most of the guns used to commit violence here in Mexico come from the United States”; Peña Nieto nixes CIA’s direct contact with Mexican twin, Obama waiting “to see what exactly they’re trying to accomplish”
1:17:01Joe Biden on rape victims and Deliverance character “man-raped”; middle-class “people havin’ trouble — trouble they never had before”, “it’s a way of life”, ShadowStats vs official number
1:24:54Four Benghazi whistleblowers to testify at hearing
1:26:00Dinner with the O-bots: “big dead chicken” recipe, ACC: “he was giving me instructions like … I was defusing a bomb!”, moral of the story: “know your pot”; Elyse Garling limoncello to the rescue; big pharma Rick’s work in “orphaned diseases”, Kickstarter would be “unethical”
1:37:20Donation Segment
1:49:07High school track team disqualified for finger pointed to heaven “celebratory gesture”; Western “utopia complex” and childhood antidepressants; Book of Knowledge “dickhead” gesture
2:00:40Abby “Alex Jones with high heels” Martin on current “kill instead of capture” policy, “five thousand human beings have died just so Obama can avoid bad press”, ACC: “Abby Martin cannot read a teleprompter”; Jeff Zucker loading up on babes, Amanpour in every round table
2:07:43Amanpour: “I hope we hear all of Dzokhar’s story”, domestic terrorism “biggest threat in the United States right now”; Bob Baer on al-Qaeda’s “standard procedure” to pose as lone wolf, bomb circuit changes from Inspire source; expensive tuition, Kazakh students’ BMW “Terrorista #1” license plate; IRA classification to be maintained; ACC interagency screw-up theory; Sanjay Gupta on “biological explanations for violence”, cave of septum pellucidum; mysteriously disappearing laptop; ACC Red Book: IRA connection
2:23:27Psychologist Charles Hurd on impossibility of predicting Adam Lanza’s behavior, homicidal thoughts in 70% of college students; ACC: “your kid needs to get dirty!”, “reality camp”
2:34:20Brainless women vying to become Miss Buffalo Chip at Sturgis Rally; Y-Indian Guides
2:39:31CNN Becky on Facebook mobile; hagiographer on Obama legacy; “it won’t take long, will it?”