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50 The Sarah Palin Show (2008-10-03)

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0:00:29Special Thursday vice presidential debate show, JCD “I think Joe Biden kicked her ass” joke, ACC: “biggest reality show in the universe”, “Palinmania”; lewd comments on flute-playing Sarah Palin video; Palin visibly shaking at beginning; “Obama nut” Gwen Ifill’s “heartbeat away” assassination question; CNN real-time metrics on Ohio men & women, Biden’s “guess what” and “look”, Palin needle-peg on personal responsibility, “hey, can I call you Joe?”, “drill, baby, drill”, ACC: “I’m just hearing Beavis and Butthead going huh-huh-huh
0:14:27Useless Hilary Rosen postmortem, undecideds all-in on Palin; Frank Luntz focus group member hints at Couric video edited to make Palin look bad, corrupt media meme; Palin “too much finger-pointing backwards” zinger for Bush-McCain link, “maverick” meme dead, “corruption” number spike, Biden “theocracy” fail; CNBC “get your popcorn”
0:28:05Palin “hockey mom” plunge, “parenting and personal responsibility” spike, Iraq plunge, nationalism win; Palin missed opportunity to be motherly to choked-up Biden; Biden “not a maverick because” rant; Greta van Susteren all-in on Palin, country music and NASCAR butt of jokes vs popularity
0:37:47Biden “Bosniak” gaffe, Judge Bork reference; Palin sentence structure breakdowns, McCain “leave” vs “lead”, 21% of world’s energy consumption meme; right-wing theories on killing Democrat party by putting Obama in; Palin “Castro brothers”, JCD: “with Joey Knuckles”
0:48:45Cavalier US attitudes, stimulus bill payoff for China, carbon credits; Biden against gay marriage, JCD: “that was a botch”; Obama’s ponderous speaking style similar to Kerry’s; “community organizer” explanation, agenda-peddling, JCD on relentless black kids selling magazines door-to-door, complimenting super-effecient Costco checkout staff, ACC on Mevio diversity, JCD on grumpy lazy checker at Monterey Foods, “most people suck”