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508 Lonely Crazies (2013-04-28)

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0:00:00JCD: “It’s going to create a nuclear winter!” (1:46:00)
0:00:31White House Correspondents’ Dinner: Claire Danes & Bob Schieffer with shit-eating grin, drunk or not drunk Tom “Brokejaw” recollections, Clare Danes “a big deal”, Clooney “serious guy in Hollywood”; BuzzFeed party, ACC reads job posting for reporters “to help us build a new kind of business vertical for the social web”, “no haters”; Obama’s price for not running
0:23:40Producer Segment: Evergreen State College furries
0:35:19ACC blamed for rainstick activity at outdoor house concert
0:37:13Searching for an accurate and compelling description for No Agenda, ACC: “I think you and I pretty much realize that we’re never going to win an award for anything”
0:43:41“Airplane apocalypse” meme, fee-funded FAA, Martin Bashere: Americans “would rather contract gonorrhea or the ebola virus” than respect self-interested Congress; “what could be the end of airport armageddon”, S.853 Reducing Flight Delays Act of 2013; Obama: travelers “who were stuck for hours in airports and on planes”, repeats self-interested Congress meme, proposed budget “replaces the next several years of these dumb cuts with smarter cuts”, “we’re creating jobs on a consistent basis” vs ShadowStats approaching 25% unemployment
0:56:02Tamerlan Tsarnaev called his mother during police firefight, radio “get down!”, pressure cooker bomb, Tamerlan standing ground vs getting run over, FBI “found no ties to terrorists”, “had to stop monitoring” meme; Dzokhar had no gun, police friendly fire; Tsarnaev uncle married to daughter of CIA’s Graham Fuller; amputee Jeff Bauman: Tamerlan “didn’t look he was having a good time”; carjacking victim “Danny”; Boston Globe “controlled explosion” tweet
1:11:35Peter King: beware components “from ball bearings to beauty products”, Obama putting “antiterrorism units” in place, more cameras meme, terrorists “constantly trying to kill us”
1:17:24MIT’s Sherry Turkle on online radicalization, ACC Michael Jackson murder interview recap, Turkle: internet “where people go to find their home”, terrorism expert on Inspire: “shutting these things down is not particularly easy”, Burnett on Twitter “disgusting and awful people”
1:33:21New York Post “bag man” Salaheddin Barhoum’s name cleared; implied threat in disgusting ABC report on possible charges against Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s wife Katherine Russell
1:40:04Adam’s Gonna Read His E-mail: 16-year-old on school bullying “day of silence”, “lockdown drill” for backpack drug dog sweep; bulletproof backpacks, “duck and cover” slave training; Crichton’s State of Fear speech transcripts, ACC: “no wonder they had to kill him in 2008”, reading for upcoming dinner with the O-bots, JCD: “arms will be folded”; producer: donate blood for No Agenda, donations from Skull and Bones’ Bob Gow, ACC’s NSA challenge coins
1:54:58Donation Segment: Chelsea Clinton interviews Geico gecko on NBC news
2:08:03Mariott’s high status in Asia; JCD story about sewer rats running toward new Mariott
2:09:49Israel claims Syrians “frothing at the mouth” from chemical weapons; Dutch Ruppersberger: “we need to work as a team, like we did in Libya”; Patriot missiles in Jordan
2:15:12Debate over chemical weapon ethics; sudden script change; King Abdullah II Special Operations Training Center in Jordan; Air Force 11.175 MHz; Red Book: attack on Jordan
2:28:09Arizona cheerleader “hit list”; Dutch jitters over abdication threats on 4chan, checking out the eenzame gekken “lonely crazies”; New York middle school lesbian anti-bullying program
2:35:52Nightline on guardian angels; JCD Google Glass hoax article, “glassholes”
2:39:00FBI activity in advance of “Black Bloc” May Day protest; FBI and police raid in Oakland
2:45:49Meme of the week: “muskets”; Diane Sawyer V-J Day photo end-of-show clip