Call Clooney!

506 Happy Earth Gay (2013-04-21)

Show 506 album art
0:00:00JCD: “Tasty new weed!” (1:21:47)
0:00:32Boston bombing: “keystone cops” nab Tsarnaev, sound-effect-laden backgrounder, “they told the driver they were the marathon bombers”, “Joker” Tsarnaev naturalized September 11 2012, explosion at 666 Boylston Street, ACC: “please, you’re insulting me now”; Dick Clarke to drunk Diane on $350M lockdown cost, $333M headline
0:11:52ACC North Korea blind drop theory, market selloff; JCD on B-2 North Korea flyovers; bomb two at public library; Bob Baer to Piers Moron: “these guys didn’t just get lucky”; Tamerlan “golden glove boxer, pianist”, FBI screwup
0:27:11Brolf asks police chief idiotic questions, “you have a bullhorn, you start saying come up with your hands up?”, on Dzhokhar firing: “my understanding, yes”; new vocabulary item “exsanguinate”; mother’s FBI set-up story same word-for-word on CNN and Russian TV, Peter King: “I don’t find any of it to be true”; Sharpton shouts over gunfire B-roll, NBC insults Erica Hill by making her do a stand-up; Richard Engel on “jihadi chat forums” celebrating, flag-waving applauders, JCD on police “jeepney from Indonesia”, ACC: “whose Blackhawk was that?”; Watertown Fourth Amendment issues
0:54:48Inside Edition on ricin: “what in the world could have made this Elvis impersonator snap?”
0:57:30Producer Segment: JCD story on crappy constable job; “worst bombing since 9/11” meme
1:05:26“Crazy people do crazy things” Boston bombing theories
1:06:37Foreign Operations and Related Programs Appropriation Act 2012 waivers for military assistance to Lebanon, Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Algeria, and Saudi Arabia; $130M in “non-lethal assistance” for Syrian resistance; 20k troops for Jordan; GE Healthcare approved for cocaine import, JCD: “well we’re gonna a see a lot of activity over at GE!”
1:11:39No state of emergency for West fertilizer explosion; Thom Hartmann: no OSHA inspection since 1985, “this is a good example of why we need big government”
1:15:23DEA’s Michele Leonhart on medical marijuana: “more dispensaries than Starbucks” in LA, “do a little surveillance like we do on these dispensaries”; Huffington Post on dispensary and crime reduction; ACC to 4/20 celebrants: “you make everyone who smokes weed look like a dick”; Leonhart on Colorado “increase in car accidents”, “eight percent drop in IQ”; Dutch De Nationale IQ Test show; Jo Bonner states the obvious: “it’s also an illegal drug”; Dzhokhar Tsarnaev the pothead; schizophrenia danger; TWiT “federal law trumps state law” meme
1:38:13Ageist Silicon Valley liberals; Sheryl Sandberg on BBC, JCD: Lean In “to show your tits”, “war on men”, Popular Science: Hillary Clinton picture improves women’s public speaking
1:42:14Donation Segment: Ms. Micky’s Dallas airs; ACC Europe trip and podcasting “box”
1:57:41Tylenol being pushed as anti-anxiety drug, “dulls the pain of social rejection”; BBC on American soldiers helping with the Afghan opium harvest
2:03:59Drunk or not drunk Pat Leahy on gun control; Harry Reid: “33, 32, 33” Virgina Tech victims
2:06:42“Happy Earth Gay” in Seattle; Al Franken: climate change and gay rights will cause Republicans to “run off the cliff like lemmings”; “Do the Math” movie: “biggest emergency the human family has faced since it came out of the caves”, Elizabeth Taylor on board; ACC reads eugenics parallel from Crichton’s State of Fear
2:22:09Note from Sir Dr. Sharkey on constantly changing medical definitions, “pre-diabetes”
2:23:19Max Keiser’s virtual currency patent explains Bitcoin position;
2:27:04Queen Máxima the hottie, idiotic coronation song; ACC’s chocolate bacon on a stick