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505 Speculation Analysis (2013-04-18)

Show 505 album art
0:00:00ACC: “Whoah! 800 million for just dot-mil?!” (2:36:14)
0:00:34Six-Week Cycle: Boston Marathon bombing, ACC Red Book “unicorns and rainbows will populate the earth” for Ms. Micky; ACC’s Show 500 prediction “they’re gonna have to light something off pretty soon”; JCD on Harry Truman as origin of 33 meme, police emergency QRT, age 33 in news articles, biggest gold decline in 33 years; JCD on editors altering copy; “the pricker” author Kevin Harris’ self-detonation, CIA pre-written revisionist history books
0:18:06West fertilizer explosion: trooper refers to “anhydrous” ammonia instead of ammonium nitrate, invokes Oklahoma City; producer: drone strike; 2007 lawsuit against Monsanto
0:24:40No one blamed yet for Boston; Bob Baer clueless with Piers Moron, Zawahiri “speculation analysis”, “I’ve made these improvised devices myself”, “someone knew what they were doing”, CIA trained Afghans to use pressure cookers in 1980s; Obama “any time(-)bombs are used”; Jake Tapper all over IED meme; JCD on Berkeley pipe bomber, ACC on DIY flash paper
0:33:03Parallel Boston training exercises, bomb-sniffing dogs; gore Photoshopped out of photos, ABC disappearing blood reaction video; producer Chad and Ms. Micky on exposed tibia photo: probably not fake; 15 minutes before markets close, out of control spiral interrupted; confused mess with Kennedy library; Napolitano: “we need the public’s help in locating these individuals”, “this is not an NCIS episode”; no gun control anger from Obama
0:46:55Giuliani: “the government has done a good job of interrupting many of these attacks”, Peter King: “we can’t be cutting back … on Homeland Security funding”; Roger Wicker ricin letter; local overreactions nationwide, “exposed wires in a light fixture”, breaking news: U-Haul truck in Oklahoma City; MSNBC tries to blame right-wingers: “this did happen on tax day, in Boston, the place of the Tea Party”, Harvard’s Jessica Stern blames “the far-right, neo-Nazi patriot movement”, Lawrence O’Donnell blames “the NRA’s effort to guarantee that America’s mass murderers are the best equipped mass murderers in the world” and lobbying against gunpowder taggants, David Axelrod tries to blame tax-haters, Southern Poverty Law Center’s Mark Potok links Patriots Day with Waco & Oklahoma City
1:03:00JCD: “they’re gonna find some stooge to take the hit”; blithering idiot Erin Burnett: “I’m just saying as a layperson, why is there a mailbox there?”, Lawrence Kobilinsky: “the US Postal Service probably put it there”; six-liter pressure cooker; ACC: “this is like Benghazi”
1:07:30Kerry grilled by Sen. Mo Brooks over Susan Rice’s lies about Benghazi, “can you give assurances to the American people that you will conduct an investigation that will find out why Ambassador Rice made so many false statements to America about what happened in Benghazi and that you will share your findings with the American people?”, Kerry: “no”
1:11:20Producer Segment: JCD Bitcoin “Beanie Babies” on TWiT; Zydeco’s kids menu
1:23:08JCD “I got sick and then I got better” iso; earthquake on Iran-Pakistan border, Iran-Pakistan pipeline “calls Washington’s bluff” vs Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India pipeline, more Waziristan dronings; Martin “bakelite nametag” Dempsey, JCD: “he could put stars on his forehead if he wants to”, Inhofe on threatening Germany with military base pullout and paying us to leave; half of Austrians think Nazis could come to power again
1:35:49Obama signs STOCK Act online transparency rollback, records to be kept in basement
1:41:17Failed Manchin-Toomey amendment would make gun registry a felony, NRA misinformation, 1999 LaPierre testimony all-in on background checks; Obama lies about 90% Senate vote numbers, “continuing distortion of Senate rules” of cloture, Biden percentage mathematics fail; Harry Reid “no” vote; Feinstein on Lanza’s “extreme aversion to normal social life”, “he was homeschooled”, home “a veritable weapons depot”, ACC: “sign this woman to a book deal!”; “disgusting” and “disappointing” memes
2:01:14Nigel Farage: “not even me in my most pessimistic of speeches would have imagined, Mr. Rehn, that you and the others in the Troika would resort to the level of common criminals and steal money from people’s bank account”, Cyprus the euro “death knell”; ACC fails money transfer to CVC due to “Christina overboeking” memo terrorism scare, wire department voicemail, ACC: “are you fucking kidding me?!”; Herman Van Rompuy on tax avoidance and “fight against tax havens”
2:14:53Donation Segment
2:28:25Second Half of Show: fireball over Madrid, HAARP plasma clouds; military incoming meteorite information classified
2:34:37Whistling Dempsey on $800M budgeted for cyber “defending the .mil domain”, ACC: “you are a thief!”; Mike Rogers defends CISPA: “if you’re a 14-year-old tweeter in the basement”; White House Statement of Administration Policy recommends changes, “targeted liability protections”, HPSCI House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, remove “irrelevant personal information”, “civilian agency” DHS as portal to government, “promote appropriate sharing within the government”; IBM’s systems management business, 200 senior executives lobbying for CISPA in Washington, holocaust Hollerith punchcards, ACC: “is this really something we want IBM doing again?”, Edwin Black’s IBM and the Holocaust: The Strategic Alliance between Nazi Germany and America’s Most Powerful Corporation
2:48:07The four essential ingredients in anti-North Korea propaganda: goose-stepping soldiers, trucks with giant missiles, forward summersault in field by guy with machine gun, Kim Jong-un with binoculars
2:50:07Smash character uses “Adderall and Red Bull”; Ricin suspect Paul Kevin Curtis “paranoid conspiracy theorist”