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503 Ninjas in Mongolia (2013-04-11)

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0:00:00ACC: “Oh my god, you dog you!” JCD: “We’re old friends.” ACC: “She’s sexy!” (1:37:58)
0:00:36Bitcoin “correction”, local news backgrounder, Mt. Gox DDoS, BitPay potentially screwed; Leo “Science!” iso; Feinstein “attempted attack” question, Blair: “the priority is certain”; JCD reads the headline: “bras make breasts saggier”
0:17:10NYT Weiner-Abedin interview, considering a mayoral run; ACC on interviewing Weiner & Schumer, “Anthony Weiner is an asshole!”; NYT article by Clinton-bot Jonathan Van Meter; ACC listening to NPR fundraising, Austin Symphony salaries
0:28:08Producer Segment: JCD 236 years old and 4’1’’ on Wikipedia;
0:38:34BBC on North Korea’s “midwange missiles”, “the wegion inches towards thermonuclear war”; “alarming new video”, “two mobile missiles”, “US officials” meme; ACC Red Book: one destroyed and one undetonated warhead near Japan
0:43:24Biden’s “New World Order” speech Mongolia meme: fifth fastest growing economy, problem of “ninja miners”; asteroid mining
0:50:03S.374 Fix Gun Checks Act of 2013; Amanpour lies: “the fact of the matter is that in states … where there are tougher gun laws there is lower gun crime”, ACC: “have you looked at Chicago?”, “sensible gun control”; Joe Manchin on “common sense maysures”; Biden: 3300 gun deaths since Sandy Hook; Sheila Jackson Lee: “no one has challenged the Second Amendment”, “automatic weapon” in Arizona; Obama corrects himself from “semiautomatic” to “fully automatic”; new Connecticut gun laws, “154 rounds in four minutes” discrepancy; Paul Barrett points out decrease in violent crime to PBS, increase in number of guns ignored
1:06:04War on Crazy: Brady Bill 18 U.S.C. §922, unlawful to transfer to someone “adjudicated as a mental defective”, federal and state definitions, antisocial personality disorder; neurodiversity
1:16:55JCD story about flying to Las Vegas for NAB Show with recent “dislocated shoulder”, 50+ handicapped parking spots at convention center; Sony 84“ 4K 3D display, OLED 4K; Adobe ”best podcast in the universe“ guy
1:27:01“This is a weekly test of the Giant Voice System”, appearance in The Purge movie; Whelen “chemical release”, “terrorist alert, a terrorism alert has been issued, please follow procedure”
1:32:40Donation Segment: JCD’s NAB drinks with Kiki Stockhammer
1:44:32FCC not at NAB because of sequester, lawyer: “fee-based organization”, low-power TV, improvements to all radio-frequency TV stations forbidden; new ACC scheme will “put Morse code on the map”, Samuel Morse the world-class painter; FCC ignoring GMRS abuse; European Audiovisual Media Services Directive broad “on demand” definition
1:59:37Merkel as Auschwitz prisoner on Polish magazine; alleged Merkel nude; cross-bank bail-ins
2:03:11Michelle Obama’s Twitter #AskFLotUS hijacked; White House “Memphis soul night”; Beyonce and Jay Z’s Cuba trip green-lighted by Treasury Department, people-to-people “educational” travel, not a Raoul “Dave” Castro birthday event
2:15:21Al-Qaeda Iraq branch merger with Jabhat al-Nusra; AQECA al-Qaeda Electronic Cyber Army and TCA Tunisian Cyber Army attacks on Pentagon and State Department, energy sector mentioned in social media
2:22:05Melissa Harris-Perry “kids belong to whole communities”; Louisville coach Rick Pitino ducks for cover at fireworks after NCAA win; To the Contrary invokes “Republican war on women” on morning-after pill ruling, JCD on Pedobear statutory rape
2:35:52George Carlin “Americans love to eat” “big bowl of macaroni & cheese” end-of-show clip