Call Clooney!

502 Nuevo Orden Mundial (2013-04-07)

Show 502 album art
0:00:00JCD: “Bold and witty bedroom, barroom, and smoker dipsy-doodles.” (0:37:10)
0:00:33“Dogs smell everything” and dog bad breath tongue scraper ad; JCD’s birthday
0:03:45Bitcoin now at $161; Economic and Monetary Affairs Commissioner Olli Rehn: deposits under €100k “always safe”, European Convention on Human Rights: “no one shall be deprived of his possessions except in the public interest”, deprivation of life to arrest or quell riot, no slavery except in prison, “lawful detention of persons for the prevention of the spreading of infectious diseases, of persons of unsound mind, alcoholics or drug addicts or vagrants”, privacy vs “protection of health or morals”
0:17:45Google Fiber in Austin; fighting national security letters; Facebook bozo filter, ACC: “they’re doing it to charge people money to be de-bozoed”, “engagement metrics”
0:29:45Michigan in Final Four; gruesome Kevin Ware compound fracture; IMDb actress age lawsuit
0:31:34Producer Segment: JCD’s Confucius Say book
0:40:07Australian Today Show interviews Doomsday Preppers guy, weapons-grade smallpox; previous show’s Giant Voice System for Chapel Hill campus, not military base; No Agenda Personal Giant Voice System kits, JCD: “do not remove under penalty of law”
0:52:34Canadian media warn of wrongful convictions from Newfoundland budget cuts; Jay Carney: Obama budget not “what he would do if he were king”; Obama: top priority “to reignite the engine of America’s growth”, {“North Star”, “Department of Common Sense”, “wealthy and well-connected”} memes; new Sandy Hook parents on 60 Minutes; Michelle Obama calls herself a “busy single mother” (CotD); Kamala Harris “best-looking attorney general”
1:07:22ACC’s fun with the “Obama-bots” at party; the misery of being rich; “I love guns!”; Burton the architect’s wife Fisher v. University of Texas affirmative action documentary
1:20:06North Korean mobile missile launcher being tracked, “justified all-out war”, hazmat suits deployed; CNN’s Kyung Lah editorializes “he is essentially a man-child with his finger on the nuclear button”; Jay Carney: “we would not be surprised” at missile launch; pundit: legal marijuana explains a lot; State Department: no communication channels; Australian expert: “they’re not gonna commit suicide”; North Korean government web site defaced, “if the cyber-war continues, there’s a high possibility it could lead to a conventional war”, South Korean “cyber-soldiers”; Japanese habit of invading Korea; parallel with German reunification
1:39:01Joe Biden: “the affirmative task we have now, is to actually create a New World Order”, our interest “that China prosper, that Mongolia prosper”, “nations big and large”
1:42:25Chapel Hill Giant Voice System photo; Fortune on podcasting; NPR auctioning off old studios
1:48:30Donation Segment: DIA challenge coin: “counterdrug document exploitation”
2:04:27National Conspiracy Theory Poll’s surprising Democrat-Republican, male-female and race breakdowns, ACC: “it’s the Obama-bots who are the truthers!”
2:15:00Hysterical Australian ad voiceover; Today Show entertainment report with fake American accent, “he’s joined Twitter!”; Julia Gillard broke “no carbon tax” promise
2:22:57Australia’s tax-funded gun buyback; Red Book: no anything for you if you’re crazy; James Holmes’ psychiatrist warned campus police; using MRI to predict criminal behavior
2:31:58Tepco: 120 tons of radioactive water may have leaked at Fukushima, natural gas up 4.5%
2:35:28Canada vs US H7N9 stories; UK measles outbreak, “I know of people that know people”
2:40:59ABN AMRO letter calls a halt to physical gold delivery
2:42:18African Union calls off hunt for Joseph Kony, celebrities weigh in,