Call Clooney!

501 Resume Normal Activity! (2013-04-04)

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0:00:00JCD: “Take your money out of the bank! Put it in the mattress immediately!” (2:32:05)
0:00:35The rainsticks work again, ACC’s roof leaking
0:02:23Clooney to Stephanopoulos: “you ought to get on the marketing team” for new film; Gerard Butler in Olympus Has Fallen interview: “we called Dennis Rodman”, Viacom financing for Millennium Pictures, Rodman in North Korea working for Vice magazine, owned by Viacom
0:10:54Chuck Hagel’s bizarre vocalization, ACC: “he’s got a donkey up there!”, quotes George Little: “keep your answers short … and deny like Hell”; Little on preemptive strike: “we hope to preserve peace and stability”; BBC: “officials” say North restarting all facilities; CIA in media
0:24:33Al Roker aghast at 37% who don’t believe in global warming: “two words, Superstorm Sandy”
0:27:12Producer Segment
0:42:47JCD retrospective: Reese Witherspoon on Haiti donation call, “have you ever spoken to an operator?”, Center for Economic and Policy Research report: “overall lack of transparency”, scathing critique USAID contractor Chemonics International, new CEO Susi Mudge “screwed her way to the top”, ACC on “hoity-toity bead-wearing orange clothes-wearing douchebags” (ACCPPotD), board member Dov Zakheim former DoD CFO
0:56:20White House BRAIN Initiative announced on World Autism Awareness Day, Obama: “imagine if somebody with a prothetic limb can now play the piano”, “it could explain all kinds things that go on in Washington, and we could prescribe something”, “we can’t predict what that next big thing will be” vs No Agenda IBM Watson in medicine prediction; 20% ADHD rate in high school boys, one Alzheimer’s diagnosis every 33 seconds by 2050
1:07:04North Korea “bellicose” meme; “common sense” meme, Obama: “the opponents of some of these common sense laws have ginned up fears among responsible gun owners”, guns in “rural Iowa”; Mark Kelly’s bogus numbers, ACC: “the NRA is not your friend”, Kelly talks to Giffords like she’s retarded, staged gun store trip 5’36’’ NICS check, NRA: Jared Loughner mental health records unavailable; Rep. Diana DeGette: “magazine clips” will “decrease dramatically over time because the bullets will have been shot and there won’t be any more available”
1:27:55IRS “enforcement presence”; compliance monitoring for self-reported income
1:32:34Donation Segment: JCD age donation; Saint Kilda prostitutes
1:47:17Cloud Atlas hints about San Onofre nuclear plant event; Radiation and Public Health Project director Robert Alvarez, new report claims 28% increase in hypothyroidism; ACC: gas prices on the way up; central banks messing with Bitcoin; JCD recommends
1:59:19Chapel Hill AFB Giant Voice System: “all clear, resume normal activity
2:01:15Angela Merkel exposes her butt on vacation in Italy; 5k to testify in Australian child sex abuse investigation, possibly as many as 100k
2:08:04Rewards for Justice expanded to War Crimes Rewards to get Joseph Kony
2:12:48H7N9 bird flu kills two in China; Jim Rogers: we’re all gonna starve; Grozny City skyscraper fire; Conrad Black on American prison system
2:21:26Colorado SB 13-013 Secret Service Limited Peace Officer Authority; ACA adds Ready Reserve Corps to PHSCC, epidemiological reserve corps; Morning Joe all-in on draft, “give back!”
2:31:17Netherlands most indebted in EU; ING internet banking “glitch”
2:34:47Revolution references “Governor Affleck in California”
2:36:16ACC predicts Michigan in NCAA championship; pork butt becomes “Boston roast”
2:42:26Millennial chatterbox to S.E. Cupp: “this is really the first global generation”