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500 Codeword Austin (2013-03-31)

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0:00:00ACC: “Your protection for, you know, the police state, stock up on mac & cheese.” (1:50:39)
0:00:35JCD: “very few people can do 500 of anything”
0:01:25Kim Jong-un targeting “Hawaii, Californai, D.C., and — for some reason — Austin Texas”, retired spooks in Austin, Getty Images copyright; 1960 Civil Defense Austin nuclear bomb propaganda video with Ride of the Valkyries; CNN former Pentagon expert chuckling
0:11:24Erin Burnett on dirty bomb in Times Square; “bellicose” meme; Rodman in North Korea with Harlem Globetrotters, ACC Red Book: Disney North Korea
0:20:19Nelson Mandela obituaries at the ready, Time editor compares Obama to Mandela; Finnish producer’s kid’s English test calls Obama “Barry” with birther memes
0:25:31Producer Segment: Pat Robertson on trains full of APCs; Infowars magazine
0:45:44JCD retrospective: guy with camcorder filming underwear bomber, Obama on suspect’s father trying to warn US, Monica Crowley all-in on waterboarding; “wash your hands and get your flu shot”, WHO pandemic definition change, swine flu masks for California schools, 21-day booster, most creative word of 2009: “Dracula sneeze”, ACC: “these are the telescreens!”
0:58:55National {Sexual Assault & Prevention, Child Abuse Prevention, Financial Capability, Donate Life, Cancer Control} Month, {Ford, Ram, Toyota} truck month
1:02:44TEDx videos censored for being pseudoscience, ACC: “they’ve become a cult”, JCD: Chris Anderson is cheap, ACC: “this guy is a total spook”
1:07:31Note from postal worker on OPM grabbing pre-funding money; ACC’s mail carrier
1:10:57CNN tosses Soledad O’Brien out, replacement Kate Bolduan with Carlyle Group husband; O’Brien sign-off: “facts matter”; “spend time with family” means sex scandal, “health issues”, “write a book”, ACC: “I’ve always wanted to learn Morse code”, Hamnation a giant Icom ad
1:18:57US Airways CEO: airfare tax rate comparable to sin tax; IMF paper: gas tax should be $1.33
1:22:52Canada’s 2013 budget: bank depositor is “unsecured creditor”, bail-in “rapid conversion of certain liabilities into regulatory capital”; Jim Rogers on Cyprus “contribution”; UK Santander Bank note on “banking consolidation directive”; JCD on money moving from Europe to US banks; Ms. Micky’s Green Card update: $1070 biometric appointment
1:33:29Donation Segment
1:47:06Heineken announces plan for Haiti brewery after $15M Clinton Global Initiative commitment;, JCD mac & cheese recipe with béchamel, Tillamook, and turmeric
1:54:45Donors back out of Christopher Dorner reward, Riverside says conditions were unmet
1:56:29Lanza warrant inventory released on same day as Obama “common sense” speech, ACC: “spot the things we could have found in John’s office … four pieces of paper with miscellaneous writings”; police not releasing witness name “for good reason”; Lawrence O’Donnell on National Shooting Sports Foundation located three miles from school, ACC: “are you shitting me??”
2:05:15Contradictory Susan Ludwig story with dead kid being carried out; ACC on Six-Week Cycle: “they’re gonna have to light something off pretty soon”; Olympus Has Fallen theory, JCD: “they gotta get something that gets traction”, FBI bomb setup, “code word Austin”
2:18:22Drunk Diane Sawyer: Eric Harroun arrested for using “weapon of mass destruction” RPG
2:21:29JCD retrospective: Feinstein’s “likelihood of another terrorist attempted attack on the US homeland”; 14-months-later follow-up: even more likely; anthrax vaccine, Cipro side effects; ACC: “it has to be an IED”, EMP theory
2:33:12PBS “inspired wisdom” word meaning wacko, Deepak Chopra’s “responsibility” definition
2:34:58Israel shipping gas out of Leviathan; progress on No Agenda bags, JCD rant on dirty canvas bags and loose produce on dirty conveyor belt; No Agenda bag design meeting
2:44:26End of Civil Defense propaganda film for end of show; Sarah Palin the “Joe O’Biden” originator
2:45:06JCD retrospective: Democrats turning out the lights on Republicans, Rohrbacher’s one-minute Afghanistan rant, five minutes given to the Democrat
2:47:46Show 500 thanks all ‘round