Call Clooney!

4 No Agenda 004 (2007-11-17)

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0:00:20Good feedback on show; PodcastReady thumb drive aggregator
0:01:23ACC on drinking tea British-style, PG Tips “gold standard”, long-term deals with producers, complex history of Boston Tea Party; another round of Ron Paul fundraising
0:04:16Liberty Dollar FBI raid, Ron Paul dollars, ACC: “we’ll be branded as conspiracy theorists”, minor right-wing talk show personalities turning against Ron Paul, Michael Savage staying on Paul’s side; Ray Lane lone Republican at Kleiner Perkins, John Doerr looking for ambassadorship, JCD: Vatican best post
0:16:49Dutch couple jailed by Management and Training Corporation, former chairman involved with Abu Ghraib; JCD recommends 1975 Rollerball and original Max Headroom movie; JCD on San Francisco outsourcing parking enforcement, ACC on London Congestion Charge backfire
0:24:58ACC avoids discussing moon landing, JCD on getting to the Moon ahead of the Chinese
0:25:44Shirley MacLaine on Larry King Live: Air Force pilots stepping forward on UFOs, Dennis Kucinich “yeah, I’ve seen a UFO”
0:27:32Marie Osmond freaks out over Larry King question about son in rehab, ACC on car racing Donny Osmond, JCD staged Dancing with the Stars fainting theory, Little Richard parallel
0:33:36I’m a Celebrity‚ĶGet Me Out of Here reality show back on in UK, “unscripted dramas”, ACC on Adam’s Family show and the magic of editing, proposed product placement deal with Mars Corporation; 30 Rock fake Verizon placement
0:39:53Daily Show writers explain strike in YouTube video