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49 Everybody Wants to Rule the World (2008-09-27)

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0:00:32ACC’s condo’s two openable windows, upcoming dinner
0:02:01Presidential debate: CNN real-time focus group graph, rules against audience interaction, Jim Lehrer “ruling the country” question, McCain Iran “rotting corpse of Israel”, Obama “700 billion is potentially a lot of money” flub, “Wall Street to Main Street” meme, McCain numbers spike for “corruption”, Obama spike for energy independence, nothing for al-Qaeda
0:17:47Obama on isolationisn, leaves Cuba off embargo list, ACC: “boring”, consensus: Obama won “by a hair”, Obama “when I’m president” mind control, hot mic at end; McCain stiffs Letterman with bogus D.C. trip; Reagan “there you go again”; CNBC McCain ageism
0:27:48“Massive airtime” for Ron Paul over financial crisis, bailout pork, “no banker left behind”, Zbigniew Brzezinski’s children in key political and journalistic positions, JCD: “sounds like the shadow government!”, listeners delighted JCD is “waking up to the true reality”
0:31:49Upcoming vice presidential debate, “bursts of sound bites” training, newly-acquired robotic demeanor, ACC: “have you considered that maybe she is a robot?”
0:34:17Fortis Bank doomed, failed bank safe deposit box warning, JCD on friend hiding gold as black-painted picture frames, US Mint out of gold coins
0:35:56Chinese melamine scandal, used to fake higher protein content, ingredient in plastics, Taiwanese injection molding genius; adverse reactions to Gardasil, Merck patents expiring, schools trying to make it mandatory, transparent “I got the jab” advertising
0:42:39Warren Buffett pumps $5bn into widely hated Goldman Sachs, Washington Mutual FDIC seizure, Bradford & Bingley in deep trouble; EFF lawsuit over secret new copyright treaty; JCD on Silicon Valley squabbling with phony documents, JCD’s expert witness gigs, deposition in Linspire case, makeup for video depositions, ACC on embarrassing lawsuit
0:57:07Upcoming dinners at Ritz-Carlton and Coi; Uncle Don not all-in on dishwashers, dishwasher drawers, JCD dishwasher research, “cheap Kenmore” recommendation; JCD’s “maysure” and “milk” /mÉ›lk/ Midwestern pronunciations, JCD not understanding PC Magazine UK editors
1:04:56British economy “in the tank”, clueless Alistair Darling interview by Jeremy Paxman; deferential US interviewers; JCD on downsides and upsides of coal, US first-generation wind turbines, methane hysteria; Kleiner Perkins all-in on green technologies because of Gore
1:11:38ACC investigating shady Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation laboratories in Seattle brewing up experimental DNA-altering vaccines to test in Africa
1:14:32Listenership at 130k