Call Clooney!

499 Spam Horse (2013-03-28)

Show 499 album art
0:00:00(Gitmo Nation National Anthem and jingles) JCD: “Hit it!”
0:01:49Time for a big natural disaster; Six-Week Cycle timing questions; Bitcoin at $94
0:04:52BBC on “biggest cyberattack in history” pitting CyberBunker against “Spam Horse”, “it’s using a machine gun, mowing down a whole crowd”, “the internet version of using a nucular bomb”; Spamhaus protection racket, CloudFlare unable to mitigate; CyberBunker hosting WikiLeaks; JCD column brings the spooks out of the woodwork; ACC’s Mac Mini server
0:26:45Defense of Marriage Act taken up by SCotUS, signed into law by Clinton; Piers Moron goes off Sandy Hook script, Alexandra Pelosi: “there’s something really sick and disgusting about this country”; laughs for Kagan’s “not a lot of children”; SCotUS rules on lying drug dogs
0:39:56Morning Joe legal expert on DoMA “legal technicality” of states’ rights
0:41:20ACC admits the millennial line-cutting phenomenon exists in Texas
0:41:52Producer Segment: JCD talks up ham radio to Roku CEO; “guardians of reality”
1:04:31Spamradio; JCD adds rimshots to new crazy hoarders show
1:08:18CNN medical expert Wendy Walsh on Viagra for women: “just load the dishwasher, okay”
1:13:01Jim Carrey Funny or Die anti-gun Hee Haw parody
1:15:40Protests in Cyprus; “pension funds will be among the assets confiscated and transferred to Europe”, President: “brace for deep pain”, “no bank account anywhere in the Eurozone is safe”; Jeroen Dijsselbloem on “ambitious measures”, privatization, Turkey nixing foreign deals with Cyprus because of Leviathan field; €300 per day withdrawal limit; ESM European Stability Mechanism “strong restructuring plan”; JCD on leveraged buyouts, “they’re making the Cypriots … pay for their own takeover”; Spain & Portugal next
1:31:24Boris Berezovsky two-to-the-head, “it … appears very clear now that he did, or he was, hanged”
1:35:06Musings on Clinton-Panetta ticket; Napolitano on trusted traveler and global entry “risk-based approach”; Dana Milbank shocked by “number of F-bombs being dropped by this White House”; Valerie Jarrett’s “payback time” and Michelle Bachmann’s campaign fund woes
1:45:05JCD testimony tip: say “I’m not sure I understand the question”; Jay Carney’s slippery response to Syria question, “nonlethal assistance”; UK CONTEST counterterrorism strategy on foreign fighters from European in Syria returning to “carry out attacks using the skills they have developed overseas”; Syrian opposition coalition chooses Texan for prime minister
1:50:55Donation Segment: JCD: “we’re both guests on a show produced by the listeners”
2:01:27Anderson Pooper swims with the crocodiles on 60 Minutes to general mockery
2:05:13North Korea stories linked to Olympus Has Fallen movie, Lauer’s accidental deconstruction
2:07:08JCD pleads guilty to Larry David “chat and cut”, JCD story on airport line-cutting; how to merge at a traffic split in California
2:20:23Chancellor of the Exchequer’s Twitter account; MIA Olympus Has Fallen interview
2:24:06Mashable hipster video: “consider hitting up the Bitcoin ATM”
2:26:12Matt Lauer to Gerard Butler: “you have arranged … to have the North Koreans make all kinds of strange gestures”; Anderson Pooper to replace Lauer
2:29:11Erin Burnett on government surveillance: “a drone can already see what you’re writing”; the war on the Postal Service, “physical spam” (JCDPPotD); ACC’s QRP rig sent by mail
2:39:07Budget’s Farmer Assurance Provision courtesy of Monsanto
2:43:42UK cold weather magic numbers; jet stream and global warming; Madagascar locust plague
2:47:50Khloé Kardashian: “I’m excited to be amazing”; NCIS L.A. “aid and comfort” (CotD)