Call Clooney!

498 Obey the Giant Voice System! (2013-03-24)

Show 498 album art
0:00:00JCD: “Uhhh, hit it!”
0:00:31Happy {Greek Independence, World Tuberculosis} Day, Obamacare anniversary; no “heil everybody” in White House podcast, Obama on Sandy Hook: “as a nation, these last three months have changed us”, “epidemic of gun violence” lie, “the American people have spoken”, JCD: “I didn’t say anything, I was watching basketball”, “nine out of ten” meme, “military-style assault weapons”, “common sense”; Michael Bloomberg on requiring NICS check for all gun sales: “there’s no real debate among the American people”, “good common sense”
0:12:42Washington Rep. Tami Green supports committing “potentially dangerous” people lest we have a “naked guy running down the street with a gun”, gunman’s father on danger signs: “rants about the world and how it ought to be”, ACC: “war on crazy”, Concord Monitor’s Annmarie Timmins on 26% mental illness population with “suicidal ideation”, USA Today: get annual mental health screening; Cymbalta vs “morphine will give you a stomach ache”, Bezos’ kooky Tourette’s laugh, Seth McFarlane’s Tourette’s, ACC’s “odd swallowing”
0:30:00Drunk or not drunk Biden on Lanza reloading “three times as many times as he did”; ACC’s Austin beef guy hit in mouth; Ed Schultz: “anti-government partiot groups are now at an all-time high in this country!”, Oklahoma City bombing parallel; mental health FICO scores
0:45:06Producer Segment: No Agenda on WCKG 1530; new “in the morning” language jingles
1:02:28Hosts debate Julia Gillard taking to 2DayFM to avoid “white males who run the press”, “she is Machiavellian and she has outfoxed all the blokes”; JCD on Obama election pride, ACC: “Hillary Clinton is the devil, people”; Gillard to 2DayFM, ACC on Australian fines for blaming carbon tax, JCD on plastic bag bans, no more baggers, No Agenda cloth bags
1:20:151989 Ice-T Shut Up, Be Happy Jello Biafra voice-over: “your Neighborhood Watch officer will be by to collect urine samples in the morning”; Marine Corps Base Quantico shooting, “follow all instructions being delivered by the giant voice system”
1:29:31CNN covering 3 am Senate budget debate, JCD: “they all looked plastered and tired”, Bob Menendez warns “this is foreign policy on the fly”, David Vitter’s federal voter ID amendment; Atlas Shrugged fairness laws and S.336 Marketplace Fairness Act to tax internet sales, ACC: “the way you don’t get screwed is by buying from Walmart who of course is behind this”
1:41:26Donation Segment: colored peerage pins; show notes and hot librarians
1:57:50CBS in Times Square on talk of using surveillance drones, Bloomberg: “everybody wants their privacy, but I don’t know how you’re gonna maintain it”, “what’s the difference whether the drone is up in the air or on the building?”, ACLU shill: “we also have a right to expect that the government isn’t making a permanent record”, NYPD “Ring of Steel”, “the only way for right now to stay out of the view of Big Brother is to stay inside”; JCD: 35-and-youngers will not protest line-jumping, ACC: “you come and try that crap in Texas, son”
2:08:55Australian movie Seconds to Spare bad acting clips, CIA drug money
2:13:13Cyprus facing ECB ultimatum; Cyprus vs Russia, Leviathan pipeline deal bypassing Turkey, new Russia-China oil & gas deal, low British gas reserves
2:23:25Haiku Herman leaving at end of year, Catherine Ashton also leaving, “it’s exhausting”
2:26:19Frago “fragmentary order” 242 to ignore Iraqi-on-Iraqi torture, JCD: “why haven’t people like Rumsfeld … been arrested for war crimes?”; No Agenda “100% sane” medical bracelet
2:30:12BBC: Punxsutawney Phil under criminal indictment for “misrepresentation of spring”
2:32:16Bitcoin volatility, ACC proposal: Bitcoin ham radio; Seconds to Spare end of show clip