Call Clooney!

497 Raining Scuds (2013-03-21)

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0:00:00JCD: “I heard you Ethiopian girls are hungry all the time.” (1:11:02)
0:00:34Ms. Micky’s 1999 Range Rover finally bites the dust, JCD: “I want an eggshell white automobile!”; Ms. Micky shot her Dallas gig, ACC demoted to “buddy”
0:12:08Dinner with the O-bots: artist Laurie and brain professor Russell Poldrack; Ms. Micky to photograph his brain collection
0:15:40Obama in Israel: tired old “marrying up” joke, “our most solemn responsibility is the security of our people”, Iron Dome funding; Assad killing Syrians with scuds, ACC on chemical weapons; Erin Burnett’s nasal activities, unconfirmed reports of Assad’s chemical weapon use, Dianne Feinstein “this is highly classified”; Robert Ford’s to Congress: “raining scud missiles”, good parts left out of spoken testimony, “we funded media outlets”, chemical weapons PSAs
0:32:14Radio Free Damascus skit
0:33:14Producer Segment: new peerage levels introduced
0:45:42Two Americans added to Rewards for Justice program at $5M each, “rapping jihadi” Abū Manṣūr al-Amrīkī “laying down some beats”
0:49:19Obama on preventing Iran from “acquiring a nuclear weapon”; BBC on cyberattack on South Korean broadcasters and banks leaving “networks frozen”, “skulls and messages”, hackers “accessing … government websites”, JCD: “holy crap! you actually accessed a website!
0:59:41Obama & Netanyahu dodge Iran “red line” timeline questions, “well-behaved” Israeli reporter, Obama calls Chuck Todd “incorrigible”; Obama to meet Miss Israel Yityish “Titi” Aynaw, “he’s a huge man”; “Obama don’t want nobody to see his beautiful house” over school tour cancellation; JCD: “Obama date” for Titi
1:12:23State “ag-gag” laws against undercover farm video, “the meat industry spends a looot of money here with us”; ACC practices Obama impression
1:16:08Commotion Wireless mesh network software, “another global justice uprising” ten years before Occupy, JCD: “tell us what it is!”, “secure mechanism for communicating” vs software’s “does not prevent monitoring of internet traffic” security warning; Amy Goodman reveals State Department funding, “internet in a suitcase”; ACC: “ham radio is where it’s at”, Prepper CW
1:26:06Drunk or Not Drunk: Al Franken on “living Constitution”; Franken on drones “the size of a mosquito”, ACC proposes EMP device
1:31:04Producer “werewolves and vampires” Cymbalta side-effect report
1:35:15Donation Segment: 867-5309 grocery store member card life hack; peerage meeting
1:51:50ACC calls out JCD for “I made out with that woman and now the marriage is over?”; Mr. Oil arrested in Cyprus; Bitcoin at $74, ACC selling five per day; poutine Canadian mac & cheese
2:01:43Eric Holder: too big to fail means too big to prosecute; Ben Bernanke on calculating “the size of the subsidy”; Andrea Mitchell to colleagues: “while I’m away you guys let the assault weapon ban die”; former AIG CEO Greenberg: failure would not have taken system down
2:13:59Possible anthrax vaccine testing on children, goopy-mouthed Rob Stein: 1M service members vaccinated; Diane Sawyer: 1 in 50 schoolchildren autistic, new number from phone survey
2:21:06NewsProNet promo video; NBM old-school National Train Day audio promotion; JCD to write No Agenda audio PSA scripts
2:31:46Six-Week Cycle: FBI pissed over off-cycle suicide of James Oliver Seevakumaran, “what we would consider four IEDs”; JCD: “the cycle’s going to be off”
2:37:56Erin Burnett on US falling behind in skyscraper height; Sears Willis Tower WTF