Call Clooney!

496 Shoot Look Shoot (2013-03-17)

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0:00:00JCD: “What, are you kidding me? What kind of a pitch is this?” (1:27:13)
0:00:31Two JCD printers down due to new router; ACC’s sunburn from falling asleep to DH Unplugged
0:05:41Uncle Don’s appearance on Fareed “traitor” Zakaria’s GPS; Chuck Hagel on missile defense systems in Alaska and Japan, unreported restructuring of anti-Russia SM32B program; CNN’s new 3D display, North Korea “global threat” with globe
0:14:42Uncle Don: “they have given up on their diplomats”, want peace treaty instead of armistice; Rodman: “he asked me to tell Obama, please call me”; VICE visit and tourism; Uncle Don on “our unwillingness to talk to them”, “period of training” for Obama and Park Geun-hye
0:25:48McCain stooge Kelly Ayotte on getting a “shoot look shoot” on incoming West Coast ICBM
0:30:13Producer Segment: TSA bad shoulder “inthemorningitis”
0:41:18Proposed one-off savings tax in Cyprus, negative interest rates and fees, ACC: “I think it’s a beta test for the world”, JCD on wealth tax, “there’s no poverty in Switzerland”
0:48:47ACC’s Victoreen geiger counter from producers attending SxSW; Chicago train nuclear scare, “elite TSA VIPR team” with “handheld nuclear detection devices”, “high isotope reading” from nuclear stress test patient, feeling of “great security”; JCD tip for keeping people from sitting next to you, surgical mask, seat taken “by Jesus”; Brothers in Arms “fisting and drinking in the whores of the gods”; Ms. Micky’s upcoming Dallas shoot
1:07:14NRA guy at CPAC Conservative Political Action Conference on “passive resistance” for rapists, “don’t drone me, bro!” from audience; Iranian planes shadow Predator drone
1:11:38ACC’s TV evicted fron kitchen, condescending media all-in New York sugary drink ban, JCD on CBS changing NCIS’ Abby Sciuto’s giant soft drink; Fortune Magazine editor: “you have to take people by the hand and lead them”; JCD requests European Slingbox
1:18:07ACC: Detroit the “Cyprus of America”; JCD on the danger of city mergers, JCD Red Book: ACC moves to Dallas
1:24:38Cymbalta “this day calls you” chronic pain ad; “Mac & Cheese, by Ayn Rand” jingle
1:30:40Ben Affleck: Hollywood “full of CIA agents”; JCD recommends Clooney’s indie films, “Men Who Speak to Goats”, Michael Clayton “riveting”; No Agenda challenge coins, H.R.1218 “to prohibit the payment of surcharges for commemorative coin programs to private organizations or entities”; JCD Sunday Times Report
1:40:55Donation Segment: Gmail sending Newsletter to spam
2:02:38Obama: our “top priority is growing our economy and creating good middle-class jobs”, Argonne National Laboratory “harnessing American energy”, gas price spike “happens every year”, JCD on bogus EPA mileage numbers; $2bn Energy Security Trust, ACC: “that’s a rounding error”, Obama: “that’s worth applauding” to crickets, ACC: “I’m awesome, clap for me!”; Rep. Susan Collins on Obama’s lack of food taster
2:14:18Bill Gates wishes more power for Obama; $100M loans for Boeing & GE; Federal judge overturns use of National Security Letters; Lindsey Graham on Benghazi survivors in Germany
2:22:28NSA whistleblower Thomas Drake: “make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into”, perceived illegality of speaking to journalists at all, Drake on surveillance of reporters, “Stellarwind” project; JCD: find the one-star reviews for James Risen’s State of War; Drake on the expansion of document classification, Uncle Don’s young female progeny calls ACC out on lack of security clearance, Drake on security hiding abuses under color of law
2:43:32British MP James Morris supports pre-crime in light of Christina Edkins’ knife murder