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495 Big Mac & Cheese (2013-03-14)

Show 495 album art
0:00:00JCD: “No pooping!” (2:26:11)
0:00:32NPR “bringing happiness to the rainbows of your world”; young children die-hard fans, No Agenda crib mobiles
0:05:29ACC’s Show 491 Red Book pope prediction fulfilled in Pope Francis; connection with Argentina’s military dictatorship; “pope of the poor”, seagull on chimney sign of storm; Brian Williams at Vatican; cardinal calls Brolf “Wilf”
0:19:59Producer Segment: Ms. Micky’s Dallas gig; ACC’s Danish cheese
0:38:52JCD on oddball jacked-up prices as money laundering scheme by online retailers
0:41:34Rand Paul’s Senate filibuster a distraction from House $982bn funding resolution
0:45:52American jihadi Eric Harroun’s “bloody exploits” as Syrian rebel
0:49:55H.R.748 Universal National Service Act, ACC: “hey girls, guess what, get your armband”
0:53:25Jeff Gordon fake viral test drive video, unquestioned by MSM, FTC .com Disclosures document; FBI and Secret Service launching “massive investigations” into celebrity personal information posted online, Brolf: “what are you learning?”, ACC: “Kim Kardashian has an auto loan, are you kidding me?”; Diane Sawyer “hack attack”, Obama to Stephanopoulos: “you’ve got web sites out there right now that sell people’s credit cards”; Barbara Starr on “shadowy Chinese military unit”
1:06:35Keith Alexander to Armed Services Committee on ISP liability; Bill Nelson interrupted by Chairman Carl Levin after asking an unexpected good question, possibility of disruption outside government of “ATM machines etcetera”; SEC-required certified Y2K measures
1:27:28Guitarist Jeff “Skunk” Baxter’s career as missile defense consultant, on Dan Aykroyd’s homeland security expertise, “okay Dan, tell you what, let’s go to the White House”, James Woods “should be Secretary of State” (CotD)
1:34:45Donation Segment: “breast milk and pablum”; ACC to meet Dutch prime minister
1:58:46ACC Red Book: Temple Mount hostage situation while Obama is in Israel; Juncker warns 2013 could be like pre-War 1913; Max Keiser bullish on Bitcoin: “privacy is one of the rarest commodities in the world”, Dow Jones “all-time new low” vs Bitcoin, “store of value” meme; two variations on Keiser’s million-dollar Bitcoin prediction; Seed Man “stay there we gotta go to break”, ACC: “I have seeds”, JCD: “good luck planting them in about five years”
2:16:11Joe Biden in 1991: Chinese ballistic missiles proliferating in Syria and Pakistan, nuclear weapons technology in Algeria, China “reportedly becoming a rogue elephant”
2:20:54RT anchor tries to cover for teleprompter malfunction, ACC: “does smoke come out of her ears at a certain point?”
2:21:51Canadian mac & cheese with bacon and maple syrup; “mom said our favorite brand of mac & cheese costs too much”; ACC Red Book: McDonald’s Big Mac & Cheese
2:24:28Producer feedback on New Yorkers peeing and pooping in subway, JCD: “welcome to New York City ladies and gentlemen!”; janitor: homelessness and medical issues
2:28:22Ten-year anniversary of Iraq War, $823bn price tag, possible $3.7T long-term; lost clip of general estimating $2-3bn
2:30:40PETA up in arms over decapitation of animated giraffe in Hangover III; ACC story about Adam the Giraffe at Amsterdam zoo, “walk… very… slowly… towards… us… now
2:34:30World Bank to pay Sean Penn charity $8.75M to relocate people living on luxury hotel golf course