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494 Aid & Comfort (2013-03-10)

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0:00:00JCD: “Personally I think Bitcoin is the Beanie Babies of currency.” (1:55:02)
0:00:36“Gif” pronunciation debate
0:01:56Obama’s lackluster “heil everybody”, new top priority: “reignite the true engine of America’s economic growth”, 250k new jobs, ACC: “ShadowStats could not be diverging further”, “decent living”, “the last thing we should do is allow Washington politics get in the way”
0:07:54Producer Segment: hung-over Kara Swisher doing CNN interview at SxSW; ACC’s V4V presentation up against Elon Musk keynote, heckled by Dame Francine
0:19:13Previous show’s issues revisited, note-reading now optional for non-executives
0:31:43Producer Segment.5; another TSA shoulder injury success; ACC’s new USPS producer
0:47:49“No more peeing, please” for bar patrons in New York City’s Gramercy neighborhood, “diarrhear”, “they do defecate, yes, in our front yard”; more jury deliberation in NYPD cannibal cop Gilberto Valle case; lifetime NYC subway bans for “perverts and iPhone thieves”
0:54:12Ronald Reagan Jr. to Chris Matthews on droning al-Awlaki: “that is a tough one”; McCain on droning “Hanoi” Jane Fonda at a cafe: “we want to capture people, we don’t want to kill them”, Constitutional basis of treason: “aid & comfort”, United 93 style shootdown example, “there may be innocent Americans on that plane”, “my highest priority is not my concern that they may kill an American with a Hellfire missile in a cafe in the United States of America”
1:08:25JCD Sunday Times Report; Bill Press: “no freakin’ way” on trusting a Republican with drones
1:11:23Jersey City cops shoot a knife-wielding “perp”
1:15:30JCD “control center” for media monitoring; ACC’s PrepperSDR; Office Space TPS reports
1:22:11Sober Diane Sawyer introduces North Korea threatening preemptive nuclear attack, Victoria Nuland on “bellicose rhetoric”, “they can take a Toyota pickup truck, put a nuke in the back, and they can park it in any city”; Arab Spring Toyota product placement; ACC Dennis Rodman cancer virus theory, JCD on plane crashes being our style, we didn’t kill Chávez; Chávez NYT interviewer on his 9/11 and moon landing skepticism
1:34:33Moon Express eying $30M in lunar X-Prize money, platinum-group metals
1:38:30Roger Ver’s passionate Bitcoin pitch: “anybody here that’s sick of the government, inflating the money supply to pay to kill people all around the world?”, “the world is going to be a much much much better place because of it” (CotD); ACC on pseudonymous Satoshi Nakamoto, possible fate of creators, dodgy built-in transaction fee, possible rainbow table building exercise; JCD: Beanie Babies
1:56:26Donation Segment: JCD pet peeves “sober since” and “baby bump”
2:22:27ACC’s birthday story with limo and waking up in a mansion, “it took me two days to recover”
2:26:07David Icke: Brown Brothers Harriman “one of the major Illuminati banks”, holiday party with homeless theme, Prescott Bush on board
2:29:03Social psychology study links belief in conspiracy theories with willingness to participate
2:31:50Connecticut proposed bill 374 would subject schoolchildren to behavioral health assessments
2:33:44Undercover agent sneaks fake bomb through security at Newark Airport; Executive Order 11958 for arms export, RAPISCAN mobile units for Iraq, guided missile launchers for Australia
2:40:39Dianne Feinstein: “it’s legal to hunt humans with fifteen-round, thirty-round, even a hundred and fifty-round magazines”; Feinstein almost calls Brennan “Mister Drone”; Brennan takes oath of office on draft copy of Constitution lacking Bill of Rights
2:43:19Giant rats in Tehran, JCD: “they might be good eating for all you know”