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493 Snowquestration (2013-03-07)

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0:00:00JCD: “It is my fault and I feel bad now.” (1:33:35)
0:00:35Applause for ending of Rand Paul’s droning Americans filibuster, “expressions of approval or disapproval are not permitted in the Senate”, Erin Burnett on “wild” event: pee and Taylor Swift; Jeffrey Toobin to Brolf: drones like a “very powerful gun”, Holder’s letter mentions lethal force by military, no mention of Posse Comitatus Act; proposed change to “contingency operation” in NDAA 2012 for reservists in major disaster; Paul’s suspicious nasal activities
0:14:26Meanwhile Cruz manages to pry a “no” out of Holder; ACC Red Book: Jeb-Rand 2016; Alitalia pilot calls in “little drone below us” at JFK, ACC: “call me when you get a chance” from tower means you’re in trouble, beware of swarming microdrones
0:29:42Ted Cruz trips up Holder on Fast and Furious, “the President, the White House was not involved in the operational component”, JCD: “Obama himself was not handing guns to these gunrunners”, “to my knowledge” hedge, ACC: “time to resign, dude”
0:34:41“Snowquestration”; Diane Sawyer: White House tours cancelled; Bianna Golodryga: lack of economic impact “kind of sad”; ACC contemplating Bitcoin sell-off, ACC: “you can’t cash them in!”, JCD stock broker joke, and Whoopi Goldberg’s, S&H Green Stamps, privacy issues, ACC to divest at $50
0:56:11Producer Segment: BlackBerry No Agenda app; YouTube archive used for money laundering by Russian mafia
1:06:13Drunk or Not Drunk: Newt Gingrich gushes over Rand Paul; Jay Carney refers to “another manufactured crisis”, Common Sense by Thomas Paine, “caucus of common sense”; extravagant sub sandwich party on White House Flickr stream
1:17:44Mika Brzezinski outraged over Dennis Rodman’s appearance with Stephanopoulos Sunday, “hey idiots, you’re treating it like a story now!”, Rodman’s Celebrity Apprentice appearance; NBC’s lousy ratings, GE’s stacked ranking under CEO Jack Welch in 1980s
1:26:53Livin’ the Mac & Cheese Life jingle; Google Trends identifies November 2011, election bumps; food bloggers petition Kraft to remove artificial yellow food dyes; Condoleezza Rice: “one thing at Thanksgiving you just have to have”, tells Pat Robertson it’s a “black thing”
1:33:42TSA to allow small knives through security lines, focus on “nonmetallic improvised explosive devices”, flight attendants: “we believe this is a slippery slope, what will be the next weapon that can come on board?”, ACC: “oh, I bet, water bottles!”, “protect and serve passengers”; JCD on Diane Sawyer’s cosmetic work, drunk Diane: “a bigm chanse to tell you about tonight”; feedback on TSA shoulder injury tip, including former DHS undersecretary Michael Brown
1:46:06Southern Poverty Law Center report with “patriot groups” at all time high, “senior fellow” Mark Potok: “they believe that the federal government has a secret plan to impose martial law on this country”, hate map; Roger Ailes’ biography excerpt: Obama is lazy, Obama to Barbara Walters: Obama is lazy
2:01:19Earl Ofari Hutchinson to Sharpton: 45% of gun owners non-white
2:03:51Donation Segment: “old world order” introduction; low donation blues
2:31:37ACC damn near ragequits No Agenda over low donations
2:34:26General James N. Mattis runs down Iran’s “malign activities” in “Eye-rack”, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Bahrain, Yemen, Ghaza, Sudan, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Thailand, India, Georgia, Bulgaria, Nigeria, US, “and elsewhere in the world”, JCD: “where else is there?”