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491 Pope and Change (2013-02-28)

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0:00:00JCD: “All those lists suck!”
0:00:32JCD’s Sell-a-con Valley; “manuals on tape” money-making scheme, ACC: “screw Audible”; JCD teases Jimmy Savile “death ride” story from Bristol FM radio, boys’ watery graves
0:06:08“Pope and Change”: Don Lemon on Vatican “rumor-control mode” over gay priest blackmail story; HBO documentary Mea Maxima Culpa, “that’s the worldwide policy: to snuff out scandal”; ACC Red Book: NWO Jesuit South American pope; Nigerian spam improvements
0:20:54Tip from anonymous TSA employee: say you can’t lift your arms over your head
0:25:07Sequester austerity “houses burning, crazies roaming, seniors starving!”, DHS “forced to release hundreds of undocumented workers”, inevitable budget bloat; Ray LaHood on air traffic controller furloughs, called out by Candy Crowley on domestic flights down 27% and FAA budget up 41%, “lookit”; recurring magic number 22
0:35:24“Value 4 Value: Just Getting by in New Media” at SxSW after They Might Be Giants bail
0:37:48Producer Segment: JCD on improved exchange rates for flight attendants
0:52:26Military producer: “consultants and advisors are going in” to Syria, expect chemical weapons in Europe; moving toward providing nonlethal equipment to opposition; strep throat outbreaks
0:57:11Obama’s new Chief Agricultural Negotiator from CropLife America; dairy industry petitions FDA to allow unlabeled aspartame in milk; Subpurgatory HFCS “sugar is sugar” propaganda
1:06:16White House cauliflower mac & cheese, NPR mac & cheese in a mug, JCD: “starch and grease”
1:12:08Number of Chinese billionaires quadrupled in five years; Italian general election stalemate, unknown quantity Beppe Grillo
1:20:12White House policy on countering improvised explosive devices, another “no greater responsibility”, 20th anniversary of first World Trade Center attack, “we have come a long way since that time”, redefinition to cover crotch bomber, “expanding and broadening its counter-IED focus”, “at home or abroad”, ye olde public-private “sharing intelligence” meme, “screen, detect, protect”; information on Office of Bombing Prevention’s TRIPwire system released next day, OBP chief Patrick Starke’s background, JCD recommends Rubicon
1:40:45Donation Segment: Business Insider sexy scientist list “fun facts”, no Dr. Kiki
2:13:50New book Beauty and the Beast on Dominique Strauss-Kahn by former lover Marcela Iacub, ACC: “I wouldn’t surprise me if the guy doesn’t kill himself”
2:18:32Michael Shrimpton’s new book Spy Hunter, former PM Edward Heath “into little boys”, kidnappings aided by German “stay-behind” intelligence operation in Jersey, ACC on Jimmy Savile’s Papal knighting; pedophile Cabinet Secretary John Hunt & Heath responsible for British EEC membership; Madeleine McCann “was going to be abused by a senior member of the European Commission … I can’t identify him in Spy Hunter but I do know who it is”; David Kelly assassination, “pedophilia is a wonderful means, if you’re a hostile intelligence agency, of blackmailing politicians”; Piers Morgan interviews MKULTRA Sandy Hook father Neil Heslin, Shrimpton: Sandy Hook “set up by the Germans via Mexico” (CotD)
2:34:55Sandy Hook green car with entering and exiting bullets, records sealed for six months
2:39:43Oscars: Jimmy Kimmel “amazing”-fest, Ms. Micky proposes “divine”; The Grouser fake trailer; Argo Jimmy Carter crediting Canadians clip revisited, Michelle Obama award presentation with soldiers, ACC: “Hugo Chávez would have done that”, Clooney’s producership, Eastern Congo Initiative’s Whitney Williams credited; ACC on revisionism, upcoming White House Down, Olympus Has Fallen trailer; Life of Pi Rhythm & Hues VFX shop woes