Call Clooney!

490 Add Bacon (2013-02-24)

Show 490 album art
0:00:00JCD: “It sounds right, this sounds right!”
ACC: “That sounds right, and this sounds likeā€¦ it’s right!” (2:03:43)
0:00:38Rainstick battle; long donation segments solved with low donations; bogative Presidents’ Day, “white goods”; ACC’s Bitcoin fortune, “Bitcoin community”; German “far-right” folk musician Heino’s comeback, “nimble as a greyhound” from Hitler
0:12:16H.R.748 for national service, “community-based entity”, ACC: “you basically just helped your kids get inducted into the Brownshirt Jugend
0:14:26Discovering America bacon homage “United States of Bacon”, Anthony Bourdain clone
0:20:17Obama memo to Congress on “approximately” 100 troops sent to Niger to build drone base; CNN mocks al-Qaeda “tip sheet” for avoiding drone strikes, SkyGrabber for unencrypted video, 30m antennas, microwave emitters, spy hanging, kidnapping
0:38:29Producer Segment: Show 500 on Easter; NASCAR 33 crash PR
0:52:07Lindsey Graham reveals 4700 killed by drones, Erin Burnett condescendingly reveals number is from Bureau of Investigative Journalism, ACC: “the more annoying she gets, the hotter she gets”, Soledad O’Brien out at CNN; Mike Rogers implies he knew al-Awlaki was on the kill list, Rand Paul on due process for Americans; Hayden GloMar response on drone program to elite laughter, “lawful, appropriate, and effective”, “let’s talk about renditions, detentions, and interrogations” with diplomats in Germany story, “national perception of what is going on here”, on droning American citizens: “I’m OK with it” as a “one-off”, to sustain it need “a commission, seven people, four from the Congress, two from each party, three from the Executive Branch”, ACC: “and a keg of beer, and five lines of blow”
1:16:31Vatican scolds Italian media for “unverified, unverifiable, or completely false news stories”; Madrid budget cut protests, They Might be Giants’ Minimum Wage, South Congress grilled cheese food truck, mac & cheese truck “add bacon” scheme
1:31:40Donation Segment: donation from Skull and Bones’ Bob Gow; JCD’s clogged P.O. box
1:50:38Jazz musician “vortex” from VH1
1:52:20Second Half of Show: “asteroid apocalypse again??”, Texas state troopers no longer allowed to shoot suspected illegals from helicopters
1:53:38Drunk or Not Drunk: “NASA and Johns Hopskins” “astromoners” release Mercury image
1:54:57Diet soda linked to type II diabetes; veterans receiving notices that they may be unfit to own firearms under Brady Act, JCD: “why take a chance”; producer feedback on dumbed-down in-game reloading, Erin Burnett wrong on GTA hooker-killing
2:04:02Academy Awards tonight, Jimmy Carter: Argo credits CIA and screws Canadians; JCD on illegal one-ruble luggage carts in Soviet Union
2:10:38Three-year-old girl in wheelchair singled out for patdown, John Pistole to Brolf on “passenger support specialists”, Brolf: “every few weeks we see an incident like this, I know it must be very frustrating to you as well”, shoes “a policy decision”, pushes “good bargain” Global Entry
2:21:0960 Minutes on pandas-saving expense, “they’re playing survival of the cutest”, WWF & NWO
2:23:56UN refuses to take responsibility for cholera in Haiti, UN apologists on NPR’s Barbershop; Clinton-Bush Haiti Fund Certificate of Dissolution filed
2:32:01Horse meat “trend”, JCD: “tilapia is the canola oil of fish”, grass-fed beef pricing scam
2:35:15Richard Clark on cyberattacks on power grid or “causing pipelines to blow up”, “people are hacking into your networks and writing themselves checks” (CotD)