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48 How to Survive the Economic Collapse (2008-09-21)

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0:00:26ACC: “do you feel the bottom yet?”, first episode of Dvorak/Horowitz Unplugged, fascism and industry-government collusion; ACC buying 12kg gold bars in Amsterdam, “shell shock” at Fortis Bank Nederland party, negative equity in money market funds, book vs enterprise values, Resolution Trust Corporation, Richard Branson to buy Gatwick Airport; Financial Times almost completely devoted to crisis
0:16:16Corporate media blames short selling, preventing fires by banning matches, blaming homeowners; Sarah Palin the fast-talking Bush 43 talking points clone, didn’t hear Tina Fey skit audio lie; McCain “fundamentals” talking points; ACC predicts elections postponed, JCD predicts market will “rocket”, public at large not invested in stock market as with state lotteries
0:29:57No public outrage over $85bn AIG bailout, JCD: “we could’ve had colonies on Mars for this kind of money”; metropolitan tent cities, JCD reads novelistic account of homelessness in Reno, Hands Across America, ACC gives Dutch homeless guy £2 coin, JCD chewed out for giving money in London; Bush election cancellation meme, Second Amendment “very smart”, two versions of Constitution; Ron Paul vindicated
0:40:45Mysterious Hurricane Ike Texas coast NOTAM no-fly zone “to provide a safe environment for disaster response and relief operations”; beautiful weather in Western Europe after LHC shutdown, JCD: “do you have a lot of magnets around the house?”, New York Times “Large Hardon Collider”; Supreme Court Judges and the election, Ruth Bader Ginsburg the communist, JCD on corporate rapist CEOs, article by rogue trader Nick Leeson, Michael Milken and Michael Jackson; $10T US and $8.3T UK debt, list of non-debtor nations
0:57:21Gordon Brown “no more boom and bust” promise, “whatever it takes” assurance, JCD on CVC and family businesses, ACC: “dad, can I join the family business of being grumpy and cynical as a profession?”, JCD on autonomous cycles, predicts food riots, business categories that survive downturns: food & entertainment, ACC: “you’ve got your ducks in a row, Dvorak”
1:10:51New TSA X-ray technology, headquarters “Freedom Center”, TSA goons crying with joy after receiving badges, JCD message to real cops: “arrest them on the spot and beat them”; ACC working out with babysitter-stalking cop; JCD on new SFO international terminal’s lack of signage, ACC on new Dyson hand dryers, the horrors of European train station bathroom, George Michael caught bathroom cruising, political Shoot the Dog video career suicide
1:26:19ACC waiting for October 14, Russians all-in
1:28:14ACC not all-in on this being the “bottom”, JCD calculates value of ACC’s 12kg gold bar: $380k