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488 Sponsor Influence (2013-02-17)

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0:00:00JCD: “Only Amiga makes it possible!” Clip: “Shut up already!
0:00:35JCD’s “Chilly-con Valley”; ACC packed up for the move tomorrow morning, new standing desks, JCD: “I’m actually in a chaise lounge”; JCD on using knuckles to discharge static electricity, “I got a jolt from some potatoes”
0:10:17ACC on post-smoking cessation eye changes, advice from producers, “invented the procedure” meme for Lasik, ACC trying the Bates method, JCD on age and farsightedness
0:18:50Obama “fireside hangout” day after SotU, on drone strikes against American citizens within US borders: hasn’t happened (yet), rules will be different
0:23:19Velveeta “ham radio guy” ad with “33” on frequency display; rampant 33 in Chelyabinsk meteor coverage, sonic boom legality and physics, media asking Bill “the idiot with the bow tie” Nye; meteorite values, 2012 billionaire asteroid mining story, NASA Bessel tractor beam research, meteorites over Rodas Cuba & Northern California
0:41:42Producer Segment:; debate over “hipster” definition
0:59:33Generals whining about sequestration in budget hearings, 7% cut translates to 20-30% less readiness; Undersecretary of State on furloughs, “I’m gonna give back a fifth of my salary”; “$487bn in cuts last year”, “several hundred billion dollars of additional cuts … largely by removing unneeded or underperforming programs”; Mike Lee’s unanswered question on Chuck Hagel’s “bloated” statement; Rumsfeld’s 9/10 missing billions
1:15:49“Defense strategy”, Gen. James Amos: “maintaining a free international economic system and a just international order are linchpins to our defense strategic guidance”, issue of “sovereign behavior” (CotD), JCD: revert DoD to “War Department”
1:31:06Unpretensiousil for “Hyper-Involuntary Panic Stress and Tension Elevation Response” disorder
1:33:16Gen. Amos clip in the evergreens; depressed natural gas prices
1:35:37Rod Serling in 1950s interview on self-censorship, Lassie puppies feedback; JCD on writing about iOS 6; Joe Biden to “legitimate news media” on gun control
1:47:20Donation Segment: ACC running Windows radio apps under Wine, Ubuntu on Macbook
2:33:41DHS’ Mary Ellen Callahan also works for law firm Jenner & Block, training DHS how not to lose USB drives; Glenn Beck now talking about cultural jihad, Stephen Harper unveils Office of Religious Freedom; Jeff Jarvis scolds BBC News for whipping up “techno panic” over Facebook zero-day exploit
2:45:10Christopher Dorner wrap-up: “saving one round of ammo for himself”, Erin Burnett on single gunshot wound to head “something that they’re not 100% sure of”; un-scorched arsenal, “high magazine clips”, “military helmet”; reward dissemination decision still pending, truck owner and obvious cop Rick Heltebrake; former girlfriend Arianna Williams: “threw me for a loop”, “sort of expected it”, “on-the-job stress”
2:56:28Ask Adam: number of lightning strikes worldwide 40 per second, Nova off the deep end with investigation into mass killing
2:58:31New SARS-like virus on the radar, bird flu in Germany, The War on Chicken in Mexico; all assets in the show notes, cartillary project
3:00:10Gore Vidal on harm done by Harry S. Truman, “perpetual war for perpetual peace”, JFK a “god-awful president”; Truman election-stealing