Call Clooney!

487 Red Bag of Poop (2013-02-14)

Show 487 album art
0:00:00ACC: “So much more than a podcast!” JCD: “I like it!”
0:00:34ACC’s missed flight from LAX, “I had forgotten how much I hate that place”, Ms. Micky opts out, ACC’s crazy ex-Marine “lecture guy”; ACC’s and Leo’s Twitter accounts hacked
0:10:29LAX lockdown due to Christopher Dorner standoff, no positive ID of remains, ACC’s new clothing line: “made of Saudi Arabian passports and California driver’s licenses”, wallet found near border three days prior, stolen truck owner an obvious cop; bizarre hostages’ press conference, lying about housekeepers; CNN on conspiracy theorists; committee-written manifesto
0:29:41“Challenging” conditions for Carnival, ACC’s friends on vessel using “red poop bags”
0:32:54Five-hour delay on cybersecurity Executive Order until after State of the Union
0:33:53Ridiculous Grammys performer lineup, record viewership, Taylor Swift’s fake boobs rumor
0:38:36Producer Segment
0:50:33RT’s news models who can’t walk in high heels; 2010 Feinstein imminent attack clip
0:55:40State of the Union: JCD on handshake, “Boehner literally tries to pull his arm out of his socket”; Rangoon “I want our country to be like that”; medical bills “based on the quality of care that our seniors receive”; “fix it first” vs “shovel ready”; 12 hottest years meme, “overwhelming judgment of science”; “self-healing power grids”; “enhanced” Pac-Man YouTube stream; applause for “best military the world has ever known”
1:09:31North Korean bomb rerun of July 4 2009 script
1:12:48Obama SotU: air traffic control systems vulnerable to hackers, new Executive Order
1:14:33Embargoed Executive Order 13636, Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity, “information sharing” a.k.a. fascism; FIPPs Fair Information Practice Principles and civil liberties; Obama: “we know hackers steal people’s identities”, identity ecosystem, National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace; NIST running the show; “Steve Cook” a no-show, female Mao lookalike, sweaty Rubio speech, Rand Paul speech dropped by media; Senator Mike Lee on “conciliatory” speech: “this was a rant”; Blaze former Morning Zoo writer Mike Opelka
1:40:29Prayer Breakfast speech by Dr. Ben Carson, Obama pissed, danger of political correctness, “what do lawyers learn in law school? to win”, HSAs, deficit, tax complexity, tithing; employers to pay Obamacare additional $7.50 per hour; Carson 2016 foreshadowing
1:57:33Donation Segment: Dorner was 33; Hacienda Xixim
2:23:45New “Europe’s Fucked!” jingle; Nigel Farage on upcoming secret European Parliament presidential election: staff to troll social media and “correct” misperceptions, JCD: “this is what the Soybean Council does”, Mimi tracking soy propaganda online
2:27:19Red Book confirmed: IBM Watson cancer treatment plans; SPD sensory processing disorder
2:30:41Horse meat distraction: beef must contain at least 47% beef; Justice and Security Act 2013
2:32:47Italian comic Beppe Grillo’s populist political movement, Red Book: “unfortunate accident”
2:35:13Second Half of Show: Pope Benedict steps down, “Prophecy of the Popes” Peter the Roman; alien cover-up; Vatican Bank corruption, ACC: “I really hope it’s the aliens”
2:39:15Year of the Snake: Tienanmen, 9/11, Great Depression; free trade agreement with EU
2:40:32National Emergencies Act termination delayed for Libya; ACC’s LA “handler”: Muslim Brotherhood advisors slowly infiltrating government, John Brennan on “the goodness and beauty of Islam”, “now don’t tell the folks who don’t speak Arabic what I said, OK?”; “cultural jihad”
2:50:50The Insider Olay CC Cream native ad, JCD: “this is beyond selling out”; HR 630 to eliminate postal pension pre-funding; new medal for drone operators, JCD on bakelite name tags